Samsung Galaxy s5 reset or how to restore Galaxy s5 factory settings.

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How to Samsung Galaxy s5 reset or how to restore Galaxy s5. Today I will share with you, how to reset Samsung Galaxy s5. At present time almost over 80-90% people using Smartphone and they using various kind of apps depend on their necessary and lots of people using maximum gaming apps on their Smartphone. And due to lots of application and lots of games sometimes our phone goes freeze, hang, application crash and auto install apps when connect with wi-fi and so many other problem. Due to fix this kind of issue we need to Samsung Galaxy s5 reset or hard reset for get back into the Galaxy s5 factory settings.

[highlight bgcolor=”#DDFF99″ txtcolor=”#000″]Anyway if you need to fix hang-up, freezing or your smart phones slow response. You may try with Samsung Galaxy s5 reset softly and I hope your problem will be solved. Please follow easy steps for Samsung Galaxy s5 reset softly.[/highlight]
  1. At first switch on your Samsung Galaxy s5.
  2. Once you on your phone, then open the apps menu / home then tap on settings.
  3. Once you go to settings you see options as connection-my device-accounts-more.
  4. Select accounts and then tap on Backup and reset.
  5. You can see an option bottom of the phone Reset settings. Tap on it, your phone will shut down and reset system settings back to the default.
[highlight bgcolor=”#DDFF99″ txtcolor=”#000″]Now let’s see what will happened if you hard reset Samsung galaxy s5 or reboot Samsung Galaxy s5, Please before you reset your Smartphone, please read this carefully:[/highlight]
  • All kind of music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically.
  • All of your contact list & call or chat history SMS-MMS will be formatted automatically.
  • That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone before.
  • So I suggest you, before Samsung Galaxy s5 reset, please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important things.

Now back to the point about how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy s5 or reboot Samsung Galaxy, please follow the steps below for reboot Samsung Galaxy s5, please don’t miss anything and do it carefully.

  1. At first switch of your phone. Please remove your phones back cover, remove the battery, wait for a couple of second & insert it back.

wipe data-factory reset

  1. Now press volume UP button, Power button & mobile home button at the same time, until you see the android robot. And you will see the android recovery screen there, as you are the right place. So you will get a quite a few options on that hard reset screen. One of that really important for you, would be the wipe data/factory reset.
  2. Scroll down with the volume down button to WIPE DATA/ FACTORY RESET, and go ahead and confirm it with the POWER BUTTON.
  3. And then the next screen, select – delete all user data with the using VOLUME DOWN button, press the POWER button to select.
  4. Now you will see its working better of formatting. So just wait for couple of minutes. And then you will see it will work completely.

Samsung Galaxy s5 reset for restore factory settings is completed. Now your phone settings will be like before as you buy from the shop. You can set everything again as a new phone you have done before.

If you have any kind of tips or tricks for improve your smart phone, basically Samsung Galaxy s5 reset. Please don’t hesitate to share with us; we will post an article favor of you. If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.

[highlight bgcolor=”#DDFF99″ txtcolor=”#000″]If you interested to know what an amazing smart phone is Galaxy s5, let’s take a look…[/highlight] Samsung galaxy s5 is reallly really great Smartphone in the market that I have ever seen with its great feature. Lets write just few feature and performance about Samsung Galaxy s5. As Samsung said innovation is not just about technology. It’s about how it improves everyday life. Modern glam design with soft details. You can get it in couple of colors as charcoal black, shimmery white, copper gold, electric blue. Longer battery life (2800 mAh). 2.5 Ghz Quad core processor, Android 4.4 (Kitkat) 2GB RAM, LTE Cat.4(150/50Mbps). Vibrant prism pattern inspired by diamonds. Slim Bezel. Superior viewing experience on 5.1 Full HD super Amoled display with even more intelligent adaptive display. Powerful advanced Camera. Capture your meaningful moments instantly 16MP with larger image sensor. The fastest auto focus ever 3x instantly capture moving moments. Focus on a specific area while blurring the background, you can adjust focus after taking the photo that’s really amazing. If you playing games or in a picnic in a field into the shiny day, you could preview in real time and capture richer pictures/ videos against sunlight. Also Samsung Galaxy s5 cover the fastest network ever I seen compare to other Smartphone.  Tap into the fastest connection 802.11 ac Wi-Fi 2 x 2 mimo, very interesting thing you can use double Wi-Fi connection for faster speeds.  Download booster combine your Wi-Fi and LTE to maximize your internet data speeds if necessary.

Samsung Galaxy s5 fitness and wellness

As Samsung Galaxy s5 said that stay fit and more active. Exercise set tailored goals for workouts. You can check out and track your fitness achievements with Samsung Galaxy s5. Unified dashboard gear fit pairs with Galaxy s5. Samsung gear 2 also compatible with your Galaxy s5. Seamlessly sync and manage your fitness data.

Heart rate monitor… Samsung Galaxy s5, The world’s first Smartphone with a heart rate sensor. You can check and monitor your heart rate. Dust & water resistant is one much important thing for active people. Samsung Galaxy s5 stay protected against dust and water. Ultra power saving  mode conserve battery life to always stay connected. You can turn display to black and white to conserve power. Receive important calls & messages, add your necessary features/application into your Galaxy s5. Samsung Galaxy s5 gives you finger print security. Stay secure through your fingerprint. Unlock and open with a swipe over the home button.  You can make payment using your Galaxy s5 to ebay sellers but interesting thing you can secure your mobile payment with your fingerprint. Over 26 online markets globally at launch,  you don’t need to enter information, payment will complete in just a swipe,  no more today. If you using this Galaxy s5, exactly you are using one of best Smartphone in the world. Take your potential to the next level.

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