6 mainly tips to solution hanging problem of your smartphone

Nowadays In the world most people using the smart phone. Are you suffering  hanging  your smartphone. You device hugs while using the internet. May be it’s Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, HTC or any other  device. Most common problem is when device hang and become leggy. Its mainly problem of your smartphone.  Hanging problem very  trouble for you. Are you avoid this problem. Yes, So you should know how  to solve hanging problem your device. I recently provide  how to fix the your smart phone hanging solution.  so here, present  the best seven method and tips to avoid hanging problem in your smart phone. Then you should follow  step by step solution tips. How can you solution hanging problem of your smartphone.

solution hanging problem of your smartphone

6 mainly tips to solution hanging problem of your smartphone

Learn the tips for fixed  hanging  your device. The hanging problem very easily fixed.  I will also suggest a few solution you can try it your device. I hope will be a lot of seeped   your device. Then follow this tips.

Increase memory by erase unwanted data

Do realize that practically every site utilizes reserve to expand the page speed of a website?Whenever you went to a site you telephone naturally store the which is otherwise called treats and caches. These undesirable information will be put away in your telephone memory which prompts diminishing the accessible memory for applications and different records.

Solution:  this problem solve very easily from setting

Go to setting >>>storage>>>> click on the cache next click on the ok to cleaner caches.

Using extra memory to save song and other files

Additional use of phone memory is the main reason to got device hang.To solve the hanging problem in your  phone save your songs, videos and other data.

You can move your files to the extra memory and by selecting external memory as default memory helps to store photos and video which clicked by Camera.

Stopped the Background Running Applications

Many apps ruining in the background, make your device bulky.  When it happens, the device hangs. So it is necessary to closed the background running applications. If you don’t know how to close the applications in the proper way.

  • Just Press the home button of yor phone.
  • All running applications will come on the display.
  • Tap on the clear all button
  • Done , all applications will be

Uninstall the Heavy Apps

solution hanging problem of your smartphoneOn the off chance that you have install any substantial apps on your cell phone, at that point just uninstall it. Since some substantial applications expend more memory and because of absence of the space, the device gets hanged.

Using  the smart phone and Their Apps, Gently

It is an unfortunate propensity of a few people that they never think about the gadget. They simply play it and open the quantity of apps like a monster in brief time. On the off chance that you truly need to maintain a strategic distance from the hanging issue of a device, at that point utilize it GENTLY. Simply keep some control on your fingers while swiping the apps.

Buy a Phone with Highest RAM

If you don’t want to face any kind of disturbance  with your device then always buy a phone with the highest RAM. A smartphone with more RAM never hangs and play everything smoothly.

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