The 7 Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards 2023

Gas is not a massive part of household budgeting, and the majority of the users want to choose the best instant approval gas credit cards to get lucrative rewards. While paying bills at gas stations, users put gas credit cards intending to earn a minimum of 3% cash back on each dollar spent.

Gas credit cards can benefit users who want rewards regardless of gas pumps from any brand. General rewards cards have some restrictions on several gas stations, which may lessen the bonus. But, users with a decent credit score of at least 740 can apply for gas card instant approval at the best card providers.

Nothing to be concerned about if you have a bad or impoverished credit score. We have analyzed and consisted a list of best gas cards for bad credit instant approval.

Recommended 2 Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards

Credit CardsKey Takeaways
Capital One Quicksilver OneApproves instantly for bad credits(580 to 740), provides 1.5% cashback on every purchase, and you can get 0 dollars Fraud Liability for any fraudulent purchases.
American Express
Blue Cash Preferred
Approves fair credit and offers 1% cashback on everything, 3% cashback on gas stations, rideshares, and 6% cashback on groceries, streaming subscriptions, etc.

How Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards Work?

Typical gas credit cards are applicable online, and they have distinct requirements. Consumers with decent credit(580 to 670) or bad credit(under 579) can get qualified for these instant approval or bad credit gas cards. Most gas cards offer points or cash backs for each dollar spent on their set categories.

When you fill your vehicles, you can get help from gas cards for racking up bonus rewards. For the users with bad credit, there are two types of credit cards-

Closed Loop Gas Cards

These are great for gas and other additional purchases under specific brands, for instance, Chevron or Shell. Closed-loop cards usually offer 30 cents as a cashback in the spending of each gallon of gas for the first 90 days.

Conventional Gas Reward Cards

Traditional rewards credit cards come with bonuses and rewards for almost all purchases, including gas. These conventional cards are pretty handy because they are not restricted to any limited category. Thus, you can use these cards at any services, stores, or purchases to obtain rewards.

The majority of the gas cards add rewards or bonus points based on your spending percentage. The benefits or rewards of gas cards mainly depend on the card types. Yet, your credit can play a crucial role in determining your gas card category and the bonus limits.

The 7 Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards 2023

Above, we have briefly mentioned the overall facts of the best instant approval gas credit cards for people with imperfect credits. We will look deeply into these best credit cards for gas stations with quicker approval rates. So, let’s begin the detailed discussion!

1. Capital One Quicksilver One

Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards - Capital One Quicksilver One

Capital One comes with secured and unsecured credit cards for users, which offers gas cards with instant approval.

Yet, as the tag speaks, here we’ll discuss the rewards credit cards from Capital One that need no credit checks and no opening deposit. Capital One credit cards are excellent for obtaining rewards.

With the Capital One Quicksilver One rewards credit card, you can obtain cash back rewards, which will allow you to revitalize your credit history without any safety stakes.

If you are opening as a new user, you can get a maximum 0 percent initial APR, applicable for the first 9 months after account activation.


  • Per day you can earn 1.5% cashback on each purchase, including grocery, gas depots, rideshares, etc.
  • It charges about 39 dollars yearly as an annual fee for card continuation
  • For any typical purchases, they will demand up to 22.99 percent variable APR(Annual Percentage Yield)
  • With their Fraud Coverage service, you can gain 0 dollars Fraud Liability for any scheming purchases at max
  • You can effortlessly observe your credit scores with the credit Smart tool to assist you out

You can effortlessly apply for the Capital One gas rewards credit cards if you have fair credit. Their QuickSilver One is great for users with a mediocre credit history of about 590.

You can be eligible for a Capital One QuickSilver Credit card even if you have any prior adverse credit histories or bad credits.

2. American Express Blue Cash Preferred

American Express Blue Cash Preferred

American Express is a well-known name in credit cards and money transactions. They come with a wide range of credit cards with comprehensive benefits.

The Blue Cash Preferred is the best instant approval gas credit card who want to pay less and save more.

Based on your credit history and other vital elements, you can inspect which Blue Cash card you are qualified for eligibility.

You can check if you are pre-qualified for a credit card within moments. You can easily apply for the Blue Cash credit card by American Express within minutes.


  • They charge no yearly fees for the first 12 months and then charge 95 dollars.
  • You can get up to 300 dollars cashback on buying over 3000 dollars within the first 90 days.
  • Earn 6% cash back on groceries, streaming subscriptions, and supermarkets, 3% cashback on gas stations, rideshares, transits, etc.
  • Get a reasonable 1% cashback on all other purchase sectors.
  • Yearly you can receive a maximum of 120 dollars cashback on all Equinox purchases(10 dollars based on your monthly credits)

To apply, they will require your name, card name, email, DoB, phone number, address, SSN, etc. You should provide your complete yearly and non-taxable earnings, including the income origin. They will deliver Cashback offers the best rewards credit cards with no annual fee that you can withdraw as a statement credit for later usage.

3. Credit One Bank Platinum Rewards Visa

Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards - Credit One Bank Platinum Rewards Visa

Have you clung to any prior credit drops that conduct lousy credit? If yes, You can choose the best instant approval gas credit cards from Credit One Bank.

Credit One Platinum Rewards Visa card is most fitting for users who want to recondition their credit scores. Besides, it is also perfect for you if you make regular purchases.

They come with a pre-qualifying prospect that works with all who stumble to restore their credit score. Platinum Rewards Visa credit card is also a genuine credit card, similar to Total Visa.

Their credit cards come with some bewildering conditions. Yet, you don’t have any chance of falling into them until you qualify.


  • On everyday acquisitions, you can get 1% cash back each day without any conditions(gas station, mobile phone, cable, and satellite TV).
  • You can enrich your credit score and credit streak by boosting chances with on-time expenditures.
  • They will let you select an easygoing payment delinquent date that fits you.
  • By partaking in retailers and often adding the latest offers, you can get a maximum of 10% cashback on each purchase.
  • With their Fraud Coverage service, you can gain 0 dollars Fraud Liability for any deceitful purchases at max.
  • With their mobile-based application, you can easily track all the updates, trades, credit-based score observation, etc.

For the first 12 months, they take a maximum of 75 dollars as an annual fee. Afterward, you must pay a 99 dollars yearly regeneration cost.

You can yield it in monthly payments at only 8.25 dollars/month. All acquisitions & dealings will cost up to 23.99 percent APR, which is conditional on the Prime market worth.

4. Discover it Secured Credit Card

Discover it Secured Credit Card

Are you looking for gas cards for bad credit instant approval? If so, then we highly recommend the Discover It Secured credit card, which is one of the best instant approval gas credit cards from Discover.

Without harming your credit score, you can apply for this rewards gas card which doesn’t require any credit score to apply.

Discover It is a secured credit card that could help you create or revive your credit history to make more hopes possible tomorrow. With Discover, you can get real credit can’t without any annual charges.

It is a secured credit card that comes with real rewards in vast categories, including gas stations or pumps.


  • With responsible purchases and on-time payments, you can build your credit score
  • They provided a refundable security deposit which will equal to your credit line starting at 200 dollars
  • They report your credit history to all the three major credit bureaus
  • You can get 2% cash back at gas stations, and restaurants for purchases over 1000 dollars
  • Earn up to 1% cash back on all other purchases automatically, which is unlimited

They come with a doubled cashback match, which will allow you to get all the cash in the dollar-for-dollar match system. This will be provided automatically at the end of your first year after account continuation. They don’t charge any yearly fees, but you may have to pay 22.99% variable standard APR on each purchase.

5. Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card

Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards - Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card

Chase is one of the noted credit card service providers, which the Chase Bank primarily conducts, and it is headquartered in New York.

Chase even has Mobile banking and additional banking assistance, which includes credit cards as well. You can review the vast category of credit cards from Chase’s cards.

Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card is one of the latest gas card instant approval. It is perfect if you desire to pile bonus points while maintaining your daily household chores running. Specifically, on grocery or gas station purchases, you can gain more rewards conjoined with your mate.


  • Regardless of the freshers or the existing consumer, they demand 0 dollars yearly fee for card functionality.
  • You can obtain up to 1% cashback on each order, 3% cashback on dining, drugstore, and other delivery utilities.
  • Earn up to 5% cashback on journey tickets reserved by Chase Ultimate Rewards card on combined purchases of a maximum of 1500 dollars
  • Within the beginning 15 months, they take 0 percent APR on credit transfers and other buys.
  • Earn a $200 reward for expending $500+and 60000 reward points on purchases over $4000 within the first three months.

You can likewise visit the corresponding page to apprehend more regarding the pricing and terms of the Chase Freedom Flex card. The application procedure for the Chase Freedom Flex credit card is rather considerably concise.

You can sign up for using quicker or apply as a visitor. Chase also has a one-by-one point transfer facility for travels with their Airline traveling & Hotel Travel associates.

6. Milestone Gold Card

Milestone Gold Card

If you require a credit card to make your gas station purchases easier, then the instant approval gas credit cards can be the best option. Milestone Gold Card is a MasterCard card that can replace Shell gas credit cards instant approval options.

This card also has a pre-qualifying alternative. You can be eligible for this card without paying anything for a security deposit while opening.

Milestone Gold Credit Card is primarily thrown for consumers stuck in the midpoint of nowhere for their poor credit history. You can recondition your credit histories with Milestone gold credit cards.

Just push on-time compensations, and they will do the leftovers to improve the credit scores for long-term uses. You can effortlessly access Milestone Mobile accounts with specific mobile apps.


  • Demands no security pledge for acceptance; you can preserve money, and it allows manageable monthly payment options
  • Stockpiles monthly transaction records to all the three main credit controls
  • You can easily keep track of your progress with the 24 hours entrance to your account
  • They present scam protection if your card is misplaced or stolen in a matter of an accident; they will cover it
  • It is acknowledged throughout the USA, and you can confidently handle it anywhere.

They demand a maximum of 35 to 99 dollars as a yearly expense. All investments & transactions will take up to 24.99 percent APR, which is inconsistent and conditional on the market worth.

Like all additional card providers, you may require to furnish personal information and documentation reports for the application form acceptance.

7. Indigo Mastercard

Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards - Indigo Mastercard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is also one of the best instant approval gas credit cards. Have you blundered in the essential facets of life for imperfect credit?

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is with you to help with an easy access credit reviving prospect. With an Indigo Card, you don’t require to devour any security deposits.

You can simply obtain access to an increasing string of credits, and your yearly fee or APR will be subtracted from this portion.

It is mainly a secured card that delivers you a second opportunity to rebuild your credits. You can also get approved for loans and essential credit cards with a rebuilding credit history.


  • They report your credit history to all major credit bureaus of the country for strengthening cards.
  • You don’t require to pay any security deposit because Indigo offers unsecured credit cards.
  • Without affecting your credit score, you can be eligible for advancement.
  • It is recognized everywhere across the United States, and you can use it confidently at outlets where MasterCard is accepted.
  • You can effortlessly keep track of your progress with the 24 hours entrance to your account.

With a stress-free application procedure, you can pre-qualify for an Indigo Credit Card within a brief time. You can review if you are qualified for their Credit cards within a short time, quicker than the time of scrolling social media. You can get started with effortless steps, and your credit build-up method will start initially.

FAQ About Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards

What is the easiest gas card to be approved for?

Discover It secured credit card is one of the most accessible easiest gas credit cards, which you can get approved almost instantly. Because, unlike other cards that require a credit score limitation before being approved, this one doesn’t have any credit score requirements. It means anyone can go for this credit card.

Is it hard to get a gas credit card?

Getting a gas credit card is pretty simple if you have a decent credit score. However, users with lousy credit can also get approved by choosing our picked best instant approval gas credit cards.

What credit cards give you instant approval?

Amongst the best instant approval gas credit card providers, American Express Blue Cash Preferred, Credit One Platinum Visa card, Discover it Secured card, and Chase Freedom Flex are outstanding for fast approval.

How much time is required for getting a gas card?

After getting the approval of gas credit cards, the card will take about 7 to 10 days to appear. However, some gas credit card providers send the card via mail within 2 to 3 days for online usage.

What is the average credit score to get a gas card?

Regardless of the no credit check credit card providers, you may need to have a decent to fair credit score of an average of 590 to 680. But the Discover it Secured credit card doesn’t require any credit limits.

Final Verdict

Instant Approval gas credit cards can be an excellent option for users with bad credit. These cards come with great rewards for everyday purchases, and especially at gas stations, you can get cash backs, bonus points, and other rewards. With all that benefits, the best instant approval gas credit cards can help you to rejuvenate your credit score and banking history.

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