Where Can I Buy Gift Cards Online With Checking Account Number

Once there was a time when our parents and grandparents used to purchase showpieces and wine as gifts. But, now everything has changed enormously. Today’s age is the time of modernism. And we do not spend time purchasing gifts; instead, we give gift cards so that one can buy according to their desire. So, let’s know-how and where to buy gift cards online with checking account number.

There are plenty of shops that provide this service, and Nordstrom is one. You can purchase their gift cards online with checking account numbers; most importantly, they serve their services globally. Moreover, they do the underprivileged with around 1% of their total gift card sales. As a result, purchasing from them is not less than participating in a donation.

Let’s know the gift cards in detail and about the service providers.

How Do You Get A Gift Card

Purchasing a gift card or sending a gift card is an undemanding process—all you need is a VISA card or buy gift cards with bank account number. Afterward, you can purchase one. Though it depends on how the online platform sells its cards, it has several prevalent steps.

Firstly, you need to seek an authorized website in this business for an extended period. Moreover, you must remember if the product that the person you want to gift is available over there or not.

Secondly, go to that website and observe their policies. After that, you must select the plan you want to give as a gift card.

Thirdly, after selecting the plan, you will observe the sign-up process on that website. Now fill up the whole form and proceed to the next.

Fourthly, you must provide them with your bank account details or visa card number. Some websites are linked with Google pay, and you can establish a link between Google pay and that website.

Finally, you will see a confirmation page where they will ask you about your purchase and only proceed if you confirm. After confirmation, you can send it to the person you desire by adding their details.

After all the steps are done correctly, the person to whom you want to give the gift card will receive a notification from that website. That is all you need to do while purchasing a gift card.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards Online With Checking Account Number

There are plenty of websites to serve you gift cards besides their other services. Here are some of the websites highly loved by people who took the services.

1. Nordstrom


One of the highest gift card sellers of all time is Nordstrom. They have plenty of facilities with their gift cards. If you desire to purchase from their website, you need to visit their gift card site. Though their cards are available on their official site, the individual site has plenty of options you can go with.

Another most fascinating fact is there is no extra cost to purchasing a reloadable prepaid card. Moreover, they charge no money on shipment in the US if you buy traditional gift cards. But they charge $10 if you want a fast shipment service. This service is also available in Canada.

They offer a flexible gateway system to make payments. You must pay through a credit card or online payment system while purchasing. After you buy the card, it will take 4 to 7 business days to deliver traditional cards. But if you go with eCards, they will notify the recipient instantly with the guidelines of using it. Meanwhile, the buyer means you will receive an email informing you about the cards’ delivery status.

Purchasing cards from them is equal to donating since they share 1% to the underprivileged people around the globe.

2. Best Buy

Best Buy

We will find very few people who have not heard the name of this renowned business firm named Best Buy. If you are looking for a gift card that never loses its worth, Best Buy is your ultimate solution. There are different types of gift cards available.

  • Traditional gift cards.
  • E-Gift cards.
  • Corporate gift cards.
  • Speciality gift cards.

Best Buy is always excellent in terms of shipping their cards. They take only two business days to send their gift cards. Their services are available in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Moreover, they provide discounts on gift cards for every occasion. Their free shipping policies are on $15 to $500 gift cards. And the limitation ends at $500 since they follow the government rules.

Moreover, they sent the e-cards instantly to the recipient’s email and phone with the guidelines to use them.

In traditional cards, you can check your order’s delivery status and return the order if you find any difficulty. Their payment gateway system includes bank cards and other online payments with leasing facilities.

3. Amazon Gift Cards


Amazon is the name we can’t ignore while considering the best sites to purchase gift cards. And we don’t need such a detailed explanation about Amazon’s gift cards.

It is at the top of the list in terms of reliability. Still, let’s know some of the features you can avail yourself of by purchasing an Amazon gift card.

There are four types of cards that Amazon offers.

EGift Cards: You can customize the appearance of the gift card according to your desire.

Traditional or Physical gift cards: Amazon has enormous designs of their traditional gift cards. You can also choose cards according to the occasion.

Speciality gift cards: Amazon is affiliated with many brands, and you can offer those brands’ gift cards to your beloved ones.

Amazon Reload: This card is entirely different from any other card. You can serve your beloved one this card and add money as a balance.

Amazon has both a payment system, cash on delivery, and online payment. You can pay cash on the delivery of other gift cards. But, if you are purchasing an e-gift card, you must go with an online payment system.

4. Apple Gift Cards

Stay worry-free if you are gifting someone who is a pure fan of Apple products. Apple Inc has launched several schemes for gift card seekers. The wise option you can go with is the e-gift cards, and the recipient can apply for that from any Apple store as well as the app store.

You can choose from a variety including $25, $50, and $100. You can also avail according to your desire by typing numbers. Moreover, they have two options for sending the gift card. One is through the mail and another through email.

You can purchase a television, mobile, watch, iPhone, iPad, and accessories by deploying this card. No validity information is found, meaning it is valid for a lifetime.

One thing you must keep in your mind is that since it is a prevalent desire of many people, there are scammers to scam. So, purchasing from the official Apple website is better to avoid unwanted circumstances.

5. Target Gift Cards

Target is a reliable place to buy gift cards with checking account number. Moreover, you can purchase gift cards from plenty of brands. In easy words, it is a marketplace of gift cards.

Target is affiliated with many brands and always stands with exciting offers and discounts. If you want to purchase gift cards from this website, you must open an account first. After that, select the ideal deal for you and proceed to the next.

You can send the gift cards in three ways. First by the mail, if you buy a traditional card, second is the email and thirdly the text message. You can purchase blindly from this site since no such scam record exists.

6. Macy’s Gift Card

Macy’s is ideal if you desire to gift attire to your beloved one. And surprisingly, you don’t need to worry about the size and color. All you can do is purchase a gift card from Macy’s and gift it to the recipient.

The question may arise about why Macy’s. When you visit Macy’s physical and online stores, you will observe that they offer discounts on every product depending on season and occasion.

To gift Macy’s gift card, you need to open an account on their website and proceed to the next steps. You can purchase their cards by using your bank cards. They also allow other payment systems. Moreover, they also have facilities for international shipping.

7. Walmart Gift Cards

We have a memorable name for you while considering the gift cards: Walmart gift cards. Walmart is a place where you can find everything you imagine. They offer two types of gift cards.

Walmart Gift Cards: By using this card, the recipient can shop from any Walmart store in any corner of the US. It is a physical card.

Specialty Gift Cards: We all know that Walmart is affiliated with many other brands and can serve you the best possible offers. So, purchasing one of the brand’s gift cards from Walmart is not an unwise option.

The price of the gift cards starts from $5. You can purchase the gift through an online store and send it to the recipient. You will be notified of the delivery status and other information after purchasing.

FAQ About Buy gift cards online with checking account number

Can I buy gift cards online with my checking account?

Of course, you can purchase gift cards from various online portals by your checking account. After signing up, you will be directed to the payment page and you can enter your checking account details over there to complete any purchase.

Can you buy gift cards with your account and routing number?

Yes, you can buy gift cards with an account and routing number if it has the facility to transact money. After signing up, you will be directed to the payment page and you can enter your account details over there.

Which online store offer gift cards near me?

There are plenty of stores which are best for providing various brands’ gift cards. You can reckon Walmart, Target, Apple stores, Amazon and many more.

How to buy a gift card online with a debit card?

The procedure is simple and the same as a credit card. After signing up, you will be directed to the payment page and you can enter your debit card account details over there. And, purchase according to your plan.

Final Verdict

Gift cards are today’s best gift that one can go with. And till now we discussed about buy gift cards online with checking account number. You can avail anytime any plan from the online stores as well as the physical. The best option is an online store since all the options are available there. And before buying you must determine whether the online store is authentic or a scam.