7 (Provider) Buy Phone With Checking Account In 2023

Having a lousy credit line doesn’t always mean that you have to restrict yourself from purchasing greater things. If you have a bad credit line, you can choose your debit card attached with a checking account to purchase cell phones and other goods. Not all online shops and e-commerce platforms accept checking accounts. But where can you buy phone with checking account?

Several online stores and shopping sites offer purchasing cell phones and other large purchases with debit cards, which means checking accounts. But choosing the right one that suits you can be somewhat sweat-breaking.

Don’t go in a reverse way; we have analyzed thoroughly and put a list of providers who offers to buy phone with checking account so that you can fulfill your expectation.

1. Amazon
2. Flexshopper
3. Target
4. Walmart
5. QVC
6. Best Buy
7. EBay

Recommended 2 Best (Provider) Buy Phone With Checking Account

ProvidersKey Takeaways
AmazonOffers purchases through store cards with 0% APR, 5% cashback, 40 dollars late payment fee, and up to 100 dollars gift upon initial approval
FlexShopperShop from 1 million brand new products with up to 52 weeks long installments, 90-day early buyout option, and a maximum 2500 dollars spending limit

Hence, without any delay in the intro, let’s dive into the main discussion about the best providers or shopping platforms that accept checking account purchases for phones and other accessories.

7 (Provider) Buy Phone With Checking Account In 2023

We have included several providers that offer cards or shopping programs to buy phone with checking accounts. We have added providers or shops with vast physical and online platforms, premium store cards, rewards, and other related factors in the listing.

Some of these are some of the best and major online shopping platforms globally. You can now proceed to buy phone with checking accounts even if you don’t have a credit card linked to your account. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the actual discussion!

1. Amazon

Buy Phone With Checking Account - Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s most widespread e-commerce platforms, one of the five most prominent companies in the United States. You can get numerous benefits of Credit card purchases from Amazon.

They have a comprehensive variety of credit card options available. For instance, Prime Shopping Card, Visa reward card, VISA Signature Reward card, etc. The Amazon Prime store card is usable for shopping anything from Amazon.com.


  • It provides a wide range of bonuses, benefits, and discounts for verified customers or cardholders.
  • Upon the initial approval, you can get up to a 100 dollar free gift card from Amazon(usable for Amazon services)
  • You can buy now and pay the prices later with 0% APR charges (for qualifying purchases over 150 dollars)
  • Requires no annual fees, and you won’t be charged for any hidden fees from unauthorized purchases.
  • Get up to 5% cashback on your daily purchases(available for Amazon Prime Members only)
  • You can also shop products with reliable Monthly payments or Special Financing from Amazon.

With Amazon Visa rewards Signature card, you can shop anything from anywhere that accepts a VISA card. But with the Amazon Prime Card, you can only shop from their official e-commerce platform (Amazon.com).

Shopping with both sorts of cards will benefit you with greater rewards. If your initial approval comes, you can get exciting Gift cards from Amazon for each card type.

The 5% cashback on purchases will be applied for any Amazon services. For instance, Amazon Go, AWS, Audible, Amazon Bookshop, Alexa Skills, Amazon Play, Amazon Fresh, etc. It charges no annual fee but up to 40 dollars as a late fee. The average purchase APR rate per year will be approximately 25.99 percent.

Moreover, you can avail yourself of some excellent signature Visa perks and up to 24/7 coverages. They offer benefits and other privileges on unexpected setbacks and traveling across the world. It charges 5% of the money or 5 dollars as an annual fee but charges up to 39 dollars as a late fee.

2. FlexShopper


FlexShopper is a furniture and accessories store that offers leasing furniture and other goods for people who can’t afford them for bad credit.

They are among the most trustworthy online and in-store goods sellers that offer programs to buy phone with checking accounts online.

With FlexShopper, you can lease as many products as you want at affordable prices and convenient installment agreements. Most users love FlexShopper for their free product delivery.


  • Upon approval, they offer up to 2500 dollars spending limit for any product purchases.
  • Offers a large selection of products from FlexShopper, Amazon, Best Buy, and other brand stores
  • Get their award-winning customer support which is available 24/7. Just message, or contact a representative on live chat!
  • Provides product leasing options at up to 52 weeks long installments
  • They offer transparent leasing with no extra or hidden fees.
  • FlexShopper comes with the FlexAdvantage service that ensures the protection of your ordered products.

FlexShopper has more than 100000 brand new products to choose from, or you can select your favorite ones from stores with FlexWallet. They also provide high-quality fresher items as well as refurbished goods.

In rare cases, they will ship it to nearby stores from where you can easily pick it up. With FlexShopper, you get a spending limit of up to $2,500, which you can utilize for a single or multiple purchase items.

For applying, you need to enter the FlexShopper Home Page or any specific products page you prefer. Here you can find the option “Apply & Shop Now,” press that floating link. They will redirect you to the application page. Enter your email address and press ‘Continue’ to proceed.

If you miss any payments date or lease payments, you may need to pay the late fees. FlexShopper also charges Dishonored check fees if a lease payment is returned unpaid.

They offer Early Purchase Options, which allow you to purchase early after 90 days. You can also get an involuntary unemployment payment waiver with FlexAdvantage service.

3. Target

Buy Phone With Checking Account - Target

Target is a retailer of brand products regarding shoes, apparel, beauty accessories, groceries, electronics, furniture, etc. With excellent offers and a comprehensive collection of products, they are now the second-largest discount retailer in the USA.

This is also one of the best stores that offer programs to buy phone with checking accounts which you can check out.

For payment at Target, you can use Credit cards, REDcard, and other Visa or Mastercards from any third-party store. However, REDcard is usable for only authorized Target stores.


  • On every purchase, you can save up to 5% from your daily billing or shopping(in-store & online)
  • Upon the first approval of your credit or debit card, you can get a 40 dollar saving for orders over 40 dollars or more.
  • On most of the items at Target.com, you can enjoy free shipping at your doorsteps.
  • Provides you an extended 30 days period for returning any products without any extra costs
  • With REDcard, you can save up to 675 dollars on groceries and up to 500 dollars on baby care items.

You can get plenty of benefits and advantages from Target shops by shopping with a RED card. You can shop with a RED card from target stores of any type and get numerous bonuses, discounts, etc.

The 5% discount applies to groceries, restaurants, top deals, Disney cards, clearances, Starbucks, etc. You can make payments with a RED card in four ways. Visit their site, Contact by phone at 800-659-2396, Pay in-store at Guest Service Counter, or by mail with a specified billing address.

Target charges 24% on all purchases as APR with a credit card but charges no fees for a debit card. Target applies no annual fee for the card and services. But they take about 40 dollars as a late payment fee. You must have a US address and have to be at least 18 years old or more.

4. Walmart


Walmart has credit card options and Mastercard options. Their Mastercard is usable at other third-party stores where Mastercard is accepted.

The Walmart credit card is usable for both Walmart and Sam’s Club store purchases. Purchases made with Walmart Money Card include greater rewards, cash back benefits, and other related privileges.


  • You can get up to 5% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores
  • Provides up to 2% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores, fuel stations, restaurants, and other travels
  • Get 1% cashback on purchases and shipping fees for orders at third-party stores where Mastercard is accepted
  • Get more than 75 dollars cash back per year, credited to the card balance at the end of reward year
  • With reward points for each purchase, you can get up to 600 dollars redeemed from Walmart every year.
  • Offers up to 15 dollars overdraft protection on eligible purchases, which requires opt-in

After opening a Walmart Money Card, you can get up to $75 cashback. With Walmart, you can easily buy phone with a bank account easily by Walmart cards.

Your checking account needs to be added with your Walmart Credit or Debit card. In the first reward year or 12 months, you can pay your monthly fee or get a chance to waive it totally.

You must be at least 18 years older or more to apply for Walmart credit card benefits. You may also be required to verify your tax withholding status to proceed. According to your creditworthiness, they will require approximately 14 percent to 24 percent APR for purchases. You have to pay up to 38 dollars as a late payment fees. Mobile and email verification are also required for accessing the services through the mobile application to access all the features.

5. QVC

Buy Phone With Checking Account - QVC

QVC is a leading online e-commerce platform that is great for purchasing a wide range of products starting from fashion, fitness, electronics, jewelry, and other accessories.

You can buy phone with checking accounts from this online shopping site with great privileges. They offer free shipping on all electronic items, so you can get free home delivery when buying phones.

Moreover, when you purchase any products from their online platform, you can choose easy payday payments for almost all items.


  • Buy now pay later programs are offered with up to 5 easy and convenient monthly payments.
  • With the Q card, you can easily pay your bills and manage all your transactions, order status, and much more simply.
  • It offers easy paying options every day when you buy any items and purchase later with monthly installments
  • Provides buy now or late payment overtime with 0 percent Annual Percentage Rates(APRs)
  • You can easily return all their products if you are dissatisfied with the items, and all the exchange services are also free of cost.
  • Offers products without any extra fees or hidden charges, simply at the sticker price

Besides, they will ship your ordered items right away, and you can pay your price over time with an easy installment system. Even if you don’t like any products, you can go for easy returns and exchanges applicable on all items.

For all the buy things online with checking account site, they deliver in advance with a quick shipping method, and you can get your product within 3 to 5 days after the order.

However, if you order any items that are shipped from the direct suppliers, like mattresses, TVs, plants, they will take about 14 days to appear. QVC is great for quality products, fast & reliable delivery, and excellent customer service.

6. Best Buy

Buy Phone With Checking Account - Best Buy

Best Buy is a well-known and prominent American multinational consumer electronics retailer which is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota.

It was founded in late 1996, and now they are one of the leading online and offline shopping platforms in the US, which you can use to buy phone with checking account. They accept payments with multiple credit cards and online payment options.


  • All Best Buy credit card holders can get up to 5 percent cash back rewards on all purchases
  • With the credit cards, you can choose payments and financing options starting with 299 dollars and up
  • The Elite Plus card members of Best Buy credit card can get 6 percent cash back rewards on each order
  • My Best Buy credit cards from Citi Bank come with up to 10% cashback rewards upon approval instantly
  • Comes with four convenient ways for paying bills- Online, By Mail, By Phone, and By Text
  • Get 1% cashback in everyday purchases, 2% in dining & grocery purchases, and 3% on gas purchases

Their online and offline stores accept payments from Personal checking accounts, best buy cards, other credit & debit cards, and cash. Best Buy comes with a wide selection of products to choose from in categories like Home, Kitchen, Electronics, Fashion, Fitness, and many more. If you get eligible for Best Buy credit cards, you can easily make payments, check your balance, and manage the overall account.

Best Buy comes with two different credit card options- My Best Buy Credit Card and My Best Buy Visa Card. For Core and Elite cardholders, they offer up to 1250 points or 25 dollars reward value on purchases of 500 dollars.

For Elite Plus card holders, they offer up to 1500 points or 30 dollars reward value on purchases of 500 dollars. Simply sign in to your My Best Buy Credit Card account at Citibank, click on the My Offers tab, and activate your exclusive offers.

7. eBay


To buy a cell phone with a checking account without a debit card, you can proceed forward with eBay, one of the best electronics and department stores in the United States.

They offer products from quality brands, and you can access their services at both online platforms and offline chain stores. Paying bills and buying phones with eBay checking accounts is hassle-free and straightforward.


  • You can receive free shipping verified purchases and returns
  • Earn reward points for purchases on both in-store or outside alternatives
  • Provides up to 2% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores, fuel stations, restaurants, and other travels
  • Get double reward points for orders on shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, and other similar accessories
  • You can get up to 5% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores
  • You can use reward points for getting extra bonuses and redeemable dollars
  • Enjoy exclusive traveling services, and other premium offers with an American Express card\
  • Earn up to 5 times more points on eBay with the eBay Mastercard.
  • Get 1% cashback on purchases and shipping fees for orders at third-party stores where Mastercard is accepted.

If you are an eBay user, you can order products with your linked checking account, and you need to update your account details before each payout.

Through MasterCard and PayPal credits, you can go to buy now and pay later financing options from eBay. They also offer Business Loans up to 500K dollars and terms up to 60 months for longer-term business needs.

eBay MasterCard payments and related services don’t require an annual fee for card maintenance. Moreover, you can get reward points after each purchase from eBay and other online eligible shops.

If you are approved immediately, you can make a purchase instantly. You can add authorized users and get a credit decision in seconds through eBay Mastercard.

How To Buy Phone With Checking Account

Purchasing any type of phone may require you to visit a physical store in person. But if you’re one who wants to avoid long lines, travel time & expenses, you can go for one online.

Debit check cards function similarly to credit cards, but they take amounts from your checking account to make the purchases. Let’s discuss the purchasing process of a phone with a checking account!

Step 1: First of all, visit the online retail store you want to use to purchase your new phone.

Step 2: Scroll and discover which one you want to purchase. After that, click on the “Buy” or “Proceed to Check Out” options to proceed further.

Step 3: Enter your debit check card number into the credit card number space on the checkout page. Your debit check card works like a credit card for investments if it plays up a credit card company’s sticker, such as Visa or MasterCard. Or, enter your checking account and routing digit into the applicable fields if they are given.

Step 4: Lastly, click on the “Purchase” button or the “Finish” icon to complete your purchase.

FAQ About Providers To Buy Phone With Checking Account

Do online purchases with a checking account have any risks?

Though online payments with checking accounts are safe, there are several risk factors. First of all, you may face any data theft in your account while making orders. So, always make payments on a reliable and trustworthy platform.

How to keep the checking account safe & secure for purchases?

To keep your account safe, you can follow several procedures. First of all, you should not share your account number and other info with anyone. While making online payments, only provide your account number during the transaction and make sure you are on a reliable website when performing the purchase.

Are paper checks better than e-checks?

e-Checks are processed faster than paper checks since the information is transferred digitally within seconds. Moreover, e-checks are pretty much safer than paper checks.

What are reliable online platforms to buy phone with checking account?

This option of payment has become quite popular, so you can avail of it at a number of online stores. This includes Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, FlexShopper, etc.

Can you withdraw money using your account number?

You can withdraw money at an ATM using your account number. However, there may be extra fees involved in doing so.

Final Verdict

We have attempted our best to provide top providers/platforms to buy phone with checking accounts online. Besides, we have discussed the most asked tips and inquiries so that you can keep your online shopping safe & risk-free. Before picking any platforms for purchase, you need to consider their terms, offers, rewards, customer service, and reliability.

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