How To Buy Shoes Online With Checking Account

You may ask, “can I buy shoes online with a checking account?” Yes, you can buy shoes online with a checking account. You will need to provide your checking account information when you checkout.

The funds will then be withdrawn from your account. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of the shoes plus any shipping and handling charges.

You may also be charged a fee to order shoes with checking account. Be sure to check with your bank before making any online purchases. Let’s discuss how to buy shoes with checking account!

How To Buy Shoes Online With Checking Account

If you’re looking to buy shoes online with a checking account, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to find a retailer that accepts checking account payments.

Secondly, you’ll need to make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the purchase. Here are a few tips to help you buy shoes with a bank account.

1. Find A Retailer That Accepts Checking Accounts

The first step is to find a retailer that accepts checking account payments. There are a few different ways to do this.

Another way is to check with your bank or credit union to see if they have a list of retailers that accept checking account payments. In such a similar way you can also shop to buy things online with checking account.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Money In Your Checking Account

The second step is ensuring you have enough money in your checking account to cover the purchase.

This means you’ll need to know how much the shoes you want to buy cost, as well as any shipping and handling fees.

Once you have this information, you can check your account balance to see if you have enough money to cover the purchase.

3. Follow The Retailer’s Instructions For Checking Account Payments

Once you’ve found a retailer that accepts checking account payments and verified that you have enough money in your account, the next step is to follow the retailer’s instructions for checking account payments.

This usually involves providing your checking account number and routing number, as well as some other information depending on the retailer. Once you’ve followed the instructions, you should be able to buy shoes online with your checking account.

How To Use Checking Account To Buy Shoes Online

You should proceed with caution if you’ve never done any online purchasing before with a checking account number. This is not a typical payment method, and your account information could be compromised if you become careless.

You must practice safety while shopping on the internet, just like with all payment methods. Always contact customer support with any questions you have regarding payments to ensure your safety. Never compromise your security, and if alternate payment options are available, utilize them.

This is necessary if you need to exchange a faulty item or if you wish to use an assurance or warranty. If you want to know how to open a free business checking account online with no deposit, then read on!

Best 7 Shop to Buy Shoes Online With Checking Account in 2023

After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of retailers that offer cards or delivery options for online purchases made with bank accounts. Our picked stores and online platforms are well-equipped with a wide variety of physical locations and an extensive online presence.

We included stores after considering important elements, including the availability of stores and online sites, as well as store cards, premiums, incentives, and prizes. As a result, most stores are the top and most well-known online retailers worldwide. You can still purchase items from such shops online if you do not have a credit card linked to your accounts.

1. Amazon


Amazon is ranked first among the top e-commerce platforms in the United States. They come with credit or debit card transactions from their website and several bonuses. Amazon offers a large range of credit cards, including a few well-known ones like Visa Signature, Visa Reward, and Prime purchasing cards.

You may purchase any item on Amazon’s website with the Prime Shoppers card. Their lucrative Visa cards are commonly acknowledged in the establishments that accept Visa Cards. Regardless of the card, you may benefit from fantastic incentives and rewards when you spend on Amazon.


  • On initial authorization, they will provide you with a gift voucher that is good for up to $100 and is compatible with all Amazon services.
  • Amazon does not impose annual fees and does not impose additional fees for unauthorized purchases.
  • Every cardholder and member of Amazon Prime is eligible for approximately 5% money back on regular purchases.
  • Within Amazon’s Special Financing program, you can choose any item with customizable monthly installments or online payment.
  • For orders over $150, Amazon’s finance or buy now, pay later programs have a 0% EMI requirement.

After submitting your request to Amazon, you will receive an initial acceptance. You can receive additional gift cards based on the card categories and benefits you selected. On any item purchased through an Amazon service, you can take advantage of various benefits and up to 5% cashback offers. They may levy a fee for late payments of up to $40 and a yearly percentage rate of 25.99%.

2. FlexShopper


If your poor credit prevents you from making purchases, you might look into FlexShopper’s leasing and rent-to-own alternatives. They are a well-known national free online checking account in the United States, offering its consumers a selection of even more than 1 million brand-new products.

You may purchase items with flexible periods and repayments using FlexShopper without worrying about complicated contracts. With FlexShopper’s FlexWallet service, you can shop under your budget for your preferred items from their extensive product selection.

Upon quick approval, you will receive the personal spending cap, which will be stored in your FlexWallet. Additionally, FlexShopper offers high-quality new and used products.


  • After getting approval, they set a maximum expenditure limit of $2500 for any orders.
  • You can choose from a large selection of premium goods from well-known retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.
  • They offer excellent client service. Webchat conversations are available every day, every week!
  • Maximum monthly financial transactions for lending or leasing agreements are 52.
  • FlexShopper offers clear financing options without any additional fees or concealed prices.

Additionally, FlexAdvantage, a product protection service, is included with FlexShopper. With this service, you can securely purchase protection. You are not required to worry about paying late penalties if you miss a paycheck. Nevertheless, they will levy dishonoured penalties if you return any leased items with the correct payment.

3. Target


Target is the second-largest retailer in the United States, trailing only Amazon in terms of quality, services, and popularity. Target accepts RED cards for payments and has recognized credit cards that can only be used in Target stores. They include a variety of high-quality things, including gadgets, furnishings, decor, shoes, make-up, and other essentials.


  • They provide up to 5% cash back on regular purchases for each accepted subscriber and RED cardholder.
  • Upon getting approval, you can receive a discount of up to $40 on purchases with a minimum of $40.
  • They have a protracted return policy with a 30-day free-backs time for orders.
  • You can save more than 670 dollars if you use the RED card to make a minimum purchase of 500 dollars on baby care products.
  • Under their financing service, you may choose any goods with adjustable monthly installments or payment options.

Target doesn’t charge any fees for its credit or debit cards, but all orders placed with cards are subject to an APR of up to 24 percent. We suggest Target, a well-known store in the US, if you want to make purchases online with bank accounts.

4. Walmart


Another well-known chain retailer in the US is Walmart, which accepts both credit cards and Mastercards. With both the Walmart MasterCard, you can simply make purchases in independent stores, and their credit card is usable at authorized stores like Sam’s Club.


  • You can receive a cashback of up to 5% on purchases made at Walmart shops.
  • Offers rewards of up to 2% on purchases made at Walmart stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other destinations.
  • Get 1% cash back on purchases and delivery costs when placing an order at a third-party retailer that accepts Mastercard.
  • You can get up to $600 from Walmart each year by using reward points earned from every transaction.
  • You can feel secure with Walmart’s overdraft purchase protection up to $15, but activation might necessitate your consent.

Anyone wishing to enter a Walmart shop must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States. Additionally, in order to apply at Walmart, you must present your tax compliance records. Walmart charges an APR of up to 14% for each order, depending on the credit.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy

Richfield, Minnesota, serves as the home office for the well-known and prestigious American multinational consumer electronics company Best Buy. Since its founding in late 1996, it has grown to become one of the most popular online and offline shopping sites in the US. You can use it to make online purchases using bank accounts.


  • Get up to 5% cash back benefits on all purchases with any Best Buy credit card.
  • You can select finance and payment alternatives starting at $299 and above with credit cards.
  • The Best Buy Elite Plus, credit card subscribers are eligible for 6% cash back benefits on each purchase.
  • Citi Bank’s My Best Buy credit cards offer rapid approval and cashback incentives of up to 10%.
  • Get cash back of 1% on all regular purchases, 2% on dining and grocery purchases, and 3% on gas.

My Best Buy Credit Card and My Best Buy Visa Card are the two credit cards that Best Buy offers. They provide up to 1250 points or a $25 reward value on purchases of $500 for Core and Elite cardholders. On transactions of $500 or more made using Elite Plus cards, customers can receive up to 1500 points or $30 in reward value.

6. eBay


One of the best departmental and gadgets stores in the country is eBay. They provide goods from reputable manufacturers, and you can use their goods at offline chain stores and online marketplaces. Using an eBay checking account to pay payments and purchase phones is easy and hassle-free.


  • Free delivery is available for orders and returns that have been validated.
  • Earn points for purchases made on both internal and external options.
  • Offers rewards of up to 2% on purchases made at Walmart stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other destinations.
  • Get twice as many points when you buy identical items like shoes, cosmetics, and perfumes.
  • You can receive up to 5% cash back at Walmart shops on your purchases.

There is no annual operating fee for eBay MasterCard payments and related services. Additionally, you can earn reward points for every purchase you make from eBay and other qualifying online stores. You can make a purchase right away if you receive approval right away.

7. Bloomingdale’s

One of the most known luxury retail chains in America, Bloomingdale’s was founded in New York and currently has more than 60 locations nationwide. Bloomingdale’s has a sizable selection of shoes, clothing, handbags, designer goods from brands, and other home & lifestyle accessories.


  • With an American Express card, you may take advantage of unique travel services and other premium deals.
  • You can utilize the rewards points they provide to get further perks and rewards, including cashback.
  • They’ll give you extra loyalty points if you order shoes, cologne, and other similar items.
  • You can earn extra points when you use it later, whether you make your purchases online or in-store.
  • For legitimate orders, they provide free shipping, which also applies to returned goods.

You can regularly receive great bargains and discounts when using your Bloomingdale card for purchases. For both in-person and online purchases, Bloomingdale’s accepts credit cards.

Additionally, Bloomingdale’s offers an American Express business checking account that can be used at Bloomingdale’s as well as other companies and independent retailers that accept American Express Cards.

FAQ About The Buy Shoes Online With Checking Account

Where can I shop online with my checking account?

You can shop online with your checking account at any number of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Some of the most popular include Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. You can also use your checking account to shop at smaller retailers that accept electronic payments.
When shopping online, you will need to provide your checking account number and routing number to the retailer. You may also be asked to set up a billing agreement or profile with the retailer, which will allow them to automatically deduct payments from your account.

How to order online with a checking account?

To order online with a checking account, you must provide your account number and routing number to the retailer.

Is it safe to pay with a checking account online?

When used properly, paying with a checking account online is safe. Retailers use encryption to protect your information when you make a purchase, and your bank’s security measures protect your checking account.

Final Verdict

We have done our best to offer reputable internet retailers checking accounts. In addition, we covered the most frequently asked questions and tips to help you shop safely & risk-free online. Before choosing one to buy, you should consider the terms, benefits, and dependability of any platform.