How Can You Transfer Money From EDD Card To Bank Account

A common inquiry from the EDD cardholders is- can you transfer money from EDD card to bank account? The answer is Yes, you can! Regardless of checking or savings account, you can simply move your EDD card money to a bank account through direct transfer.

This process is similar to transferring money from one bank account to another. Straight after getting the EDD card, contact the Bank Of America (issuer of EDD card) either by calling or reaching them online. Tell them to arrange a direct deposit, and they will set up the whole thing for you.

Beforehand, you may need certain things to set up a direct deposit. They are- the bank account and the routing number where you want to deposit the money, an active e-mail account, and a debit card issued by your name. After setting everything, you can transfer EDD card money via mobile app or ATM.

What Is An EDD Card?

The Employment Development Department or EDD from the State of California in the United States provides services to job seekers, workers, and business entrepreneurs with several protocols. An EDD card is issued by the Bank Of America (BOA) for providing aid to specific employee categories for the citizens of California.

Services or beneficiaries from this department are- UI or Unemployment Insurance, PFL or Paid Family Leave, DI or Disability Insurance, and other similar assistance.

You can use the EDD card to obtain rewards from the California State Government through cards issued by BOA. If you choose to receive payments via a debit card, BOA will mail you a card once benefit payments are available.

The primary motto of EDD is to offer assistance to residents without jobs or permanent employment. You may need to qualify through their terms & conditions to receive unemployment benefits. After eligibility, you may need to wait about three weeks or 20 business days. It is the processing time to claim for benefits and issue payments.

Ways To Transfer Money From EDD Debit Card To Bank

You can withdraw, cash out or transfer your EDD card money in multiple ways. The common thing that people do is, transfer money to a bank account for using the rewards or aids they get from the debit card via EDD. Transferring money to an EDD card is defined as a direct deposit transfer.

However, you can also use your EDD card money by transferring it or withdrawing it with any ATMs. In terms of withdrawing EDD card money from ATMN, you may need to consider a few facts. ATM withdraws from Bank Of America(BOA) ATMs are free, but non-recognized ATMs may charge transfer fees.

How Can You Transfer Money From EDD Card To Bank Account

Direct deposit is a money transfer system from EDD cards that are usually performed electronically and is done automatically. It transfers your available money on your debit card account into your personal checking or savings account.

Most of the direct deposit transfers are done quickly, in a fairway. After getting the card, you can step forward for a direct deposit fund transfer.

Can you transfer money from EDD card to bank account with a direct deposit transfer? Yes, you can transfer or withdraw money from an EDD debit card to your desired bank account. You do not need a checking or savings account with Bank of America or any other financial institution to receive your benefit payments on the debit card.

Can You Transfer Money From EDD Card To Bank Account

Procedure: Let’s say you have got your card from EDD. Now you need to do the following to set a direct deposit for moving your EDD money.

  • Contact Bank of America online or call 1-866-692-9374 (voice) or TTY 1-866-656-5913(Don’t contact EDD to set up a direct deposit transfer)
    Prepare all the necessary elements needed for a direct deposit transfer.
  • Requirements are- A debit card issued in your name, A valid e-mail account, Your routing, and account numbers.
  • They will take the data & necessaries and verify all your information to proceed further.
  • Bank Of America will do the rest of the task for direct deposit setup.
  • You will notice your card balance is displayed on the dashboard.

And you now have a direct deposit account for EDD rewards transferring, and you may begin, modify, or stop your direct deposit transfer at any time.

Direct deposit transfers may also be directed to as a reserve transfer. Direct deposit transfers can be fixed up as a one-time transfer or as a regular automatic transfer.

How To Move Money From EDD Card To Your Bank Account

In this section, we will discuss how to move or withdraw your money from an EDD debit card to your bank account. Above, we have explained how you can transfer your money with direct deposit. But in this part, we’ll talk about the EDD card money movement process with your bank.

You will need your full bank account and routing numbers. You can get this from your online banking portal. Access to your e-mail or text- the portal will send verification codes that you will have to enter. You will need a web version of the portal since the mobile app doesn’t support transfers.

Let’s start!

  • First, go to the EDD debit card page from the official Bank Of America website.
  • Then you have to sign up with your account(if you don’t have an account, click on “Need Username” to proceed)
  • Follow the procedures as it says to open an account with username and then Sign In
  • Verify your identity by selecting “I’m not a robot” and fill the captcha if one appears
  • Then you need to put down your password and 3 digit security code(from the back of your card)
  • After pressing “continue,” a page will appear, where you should click on the “My Money” icon
  • Following, press on the sub icon “Transfers” and click on the “Add Transfer To Account” on the One-time transfer section.
  • Enter your account info(Account Type, Number, Routing Number), read the notes, and then press “Continue.”
  • Select one of the additional verification options from E-mail or Text Message, press “Send My Code,” and wait for the code
  • Enter the passcode you get from a message or e-mail and step forward.
  • Put the desired amount of money you want to transfer, select the account types, and press “Transfer.”
  • Lastly, tap on “I agree to the terms & conditions” and press “Continue” to finish your transfer.

We recommend putting a small amount of $5 to check the first transfer if it sends money properly or not. You don’t have to have an account at Bank Of America.

This transfer will work with any major bank. This way, you can use the money without any limitations. For instance, Instacart or some landlords will not accept prepaid cards.

How To Get Cash From EDD On Emergency Without Card

Suppose you have forgotten to take the EDD rewards credit cards with you during your travel or roaming outside. In emergency cases, you are in need of accessing the card money. At that moment, you can use the domestic money expenditure feature from Bank of America.

Bank of America can assist you with a domestic emergency cash transfer if you need funds from your debit card instantly and are still waiting for your card to arrive in the mail. For the fees on emergency cash transfers & other related services, You should refer to Bank of America’s Schedule of Bank Fees page.


  • Initially, detect your location and distance between your nearby Bank Of America ATM locations
  • Request an emergency domestic money transfer to the BOA customer center
  • Contact Bank Of America debit card customer service by calling 1-866-692-9374 (voice), 1-866-656-5913 (TTY)
  • If you are outside of the United States, you can contact at 423-262-1650
  • Bank Of America will do the rest of the proceedings to accomplish your domestic emergency transfer

All emergency cash transfers must be initiated through the Prepaid Debit Card Customer Service Center. For domestic emergency transfers, you need to pay about 15 dollars as a transfer fee. Most of the transfers and services from the BOA EDD page are free of cost.

How To Use An EDD Debit Card

After getting an EDD debit card and getting the activation, you can use the card immediately since this works almost similar to a personal debit card.

You can perform purchases up to the balance amount into your debit card. The transfer of money from a bank account with EDD debit cards are recognized everywhere Visa cards are accepted.

You can also withdraw your card money without any fees from BOA ATMs. But if you make withdrawals from any non-network ATM locations, you can make two free transactions. After that, you may have to pay a little transfer fee based on the owner of the ATM.

You may also choose to walk into any financial associations that accept Visa. You can easily cash out the card balance from these institutions. You’ll need to closely track your card balance via phone or online tools if you wish to cash out an exact balance. Because bank tellers do not have access to your card account information.

How To Qualify For EDD Debit Cards

How To Qualify For EDD Debit Cards

To get an EDD rewards card, you must qualify with their set terms & qualifying qualities. Before applying for the beneficiaries, you need to visit the EDD (Employment Development Department) and check out the eligibility conditions if you qualify. During registration, you must have the following details.

  • Gather the info about your last employer. For instance, the firm name, work experience, owner name, address, ZIP code, phone number, etc.
  • Submit the employment history of at least the last 18 months, including your working hour & gross wages
  • Describe the reason for your departure from the last working platform
  • If you are a former Federal employee, you need to submit a notice to Federal Employees regarding your Unemployment Insurance(UI)
  • As a former federal employee, you must send four copies of your DD 214 Member military ex-military candidates.
  • You need to send selfies and portrait photos as your identity documents.

Always note that you need to claim a UI file within the working hours in the business days. The available times are- 5 AM to 8:30 PM(Sunday), 4 AM to 10 PM(Monday), 2 AM to 10 PM(Tuesday to Friday), 2 AM to 8 PM(Saturday).

FAQ About the Transfer Money From EDD Card To Bank Account

What are the fees for an EDD debit card?

EDD debit cards don’t charge any purchasing fees or activation fees. But, out of network ATM withdrawals, domestic emergency cash transfers, card replacement, and each international transaction may charge minimal fees from 1 to 10 dollars.

How much can I cash out from the EDD card daily?

The maximum daily cash out or withdrawal limit from an EDD card is about 1000 dollars. This is the fixed limit for both bank-based or ATM withdrawals.

Can you transfer EDD funds to another bank?

With direct deposit transfer, you can easily transfer your EDD debit card money to another bank. It doesn’t matter if your destination bank account is a savings or checking account.

Will my EDD debit card affect my credit score?

No. The debit card is not associated with a credit line and will not show up on your credit report. Your debit card allows you to access your benefit payment funds from your debit card account.

Can I deposit cash into EDD debit card?

A debit card attached with checking accounts can be used for depositing and withdrawing funds. But Unemployment cards or EDD cards only allow a person to withdraw money from the card, not deposit it.

When will I receive my EDD debit card?

After authorization of your first EDD benefit payment, the debit card will be mailed to your mail address. Thus, you may need to wait for about 7 to 10 business days to get the delivery. If you are an SDI customer with eligibility, you can receive it in the following three to five business days after their claim is approved.

What is the average expiry date of EDD cards?

Typically, an EDD debit card comes with an expiry date of up to 3 years from the date of issuing. A new debit card will not be issued if there has been no financial activity (deposit or transaction) in the last 90 days and the account balance need to be at least 19.99 dollars or less.

Final Verdict

That’s what we have, in answer to your question, “can you transfer money from EDD card to bank account?” You can use your EDD card in multiple ways to move, withdraw, or transfer money from it. Always keep your PIN, security codes, routing & account numbers secured to stay protected during all transactions.

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