Can You Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account

ReliaCards are primarily for those who get beneficiary from a government assistance program. They distribute the beneficiary money using the Reliacard. Now, the question is, can you transfer money from Reliacard to bank account?

How To Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account

Yes, transferring money from Reliacard to your bank account is pretty simple. And, how would you get the money if you can’t even transfer it into your bank account? But, here’s a catch. You can only send money to your bank account if the program you are getting benefits permits you to do so.

Can You Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account

Everyone wants a convenient way to access their money. And most prepaid debit cards do so by allowing you to transfer money to your bank account whenever you need it. But, not all cards let you transfer money from reliacard to cash app.

There you need to depend on a third-party agent. One good example of this is – the Netspend card, which won’t allow you to transfer money to your bank account unless you use PayPal.

Thankfully, Reliacard is different from them. So, that means you can send money directly from your Reliacard account to a bank account. Firstly, you need to link your card account to a bank account by selecting the ‘Transferring Funds’ option. An application will show up; fill it with correct information.

You can manage Reliacard accounts online via the smartphone app or the website. So, complete the phone process online. The linking process will take a couple of days if you do it properly.

After the link is successfully established, you can Initiate an ACH money transfer to the bank. But, as I said before, there is a catch with your program. Your program must support Reliacard-to-bank transfers if you want to transfer money successfully to your bank account.

Also, keep in mind there will be transaction fees when withdrawing money from your bank account.

Who Issues ReliaCard cards?

U.S. Bank issues the ReliaCard prepaid debit cards. The bank’s primary purpose is to let people quickly access their government disbursements, like unemployment benefits easily. The card you get from them can be a Visa or a Mastercard.

You can use it also in any stores and restaurants, where Visa cards and Mastercards are accepted. But, for that, you need to have money in your card account. Like any debit card, the card is valid as long as you have money in your bank account.

How To Get A ReliaCard Prepaid Debit Card

To get a ReliaCard prepaid debit card, you will need to receive a benefit from a government assistance program. Then you can request from a U.S. bank for the ReliaCard debit card. But, it will take some time for you to get your card as the number required for the cards surpasses their capacity at a significant number.

So, with patience, you can get a ReliaCard prepaid debit card. After receiving the card, you will get various information alongside the card. Here are some essential things you should note:

  • Agreement and Terms for the cardholder.
  • The U.S. Bank privacy pledge.
  • The activation process of the ReliaCard.
  • The Fee Schedule for any associate charge for the card you use.
  • The information of how-to and where you can use the prepaid debit card.

Activation Process of ReliaCard Prepaid Debit Card

For activating the ReliaCard Prepaid debit card, it’s better to take the support of customer care. Follow the steps to activate the card:

  • Call ReliaCard customer care on 1-855-279-1270.
  • Wait for the response if they don’t answer on the first try.
  • Request for your card activation.
  • Choose an identification PIN.
  • Your card will be activated soon.

What is a Prepaid Debit Card

A prepaid debit card is pretty much similar to a gift card, which allows you to spend the amount of money already stored in your card account. After you finish the balance, you can either load online or at an ATM.

These types of credit cards are issued by banks and branded by major credit card companies, like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You can use the prepaid debit cards for any transaction you would require otherwise to use a credit card or regular debit card. In fact, sometimes the recipient, who is accepting your money, may not notice it’s a prepaid card – the differences are so slim.

It is also a good option for paying employees with prepaid debit cards known as payroll cards. The card is helpful if the person doesn’t have a bank account or needs a direct deposit. Several government benefits are provided via prepaid debit cards, which is the case with you.

Difference between Prepaid Debit Cards And Regular Debit Cards

Difference between Prepaid Debit Cards And Regular Debit Cards

The sum of funds you can spend with a regular debit card is determined by the amount of money in the checking account to which it is linked. You must have a bank account for a regular debit card, whereas a prepaid debit card won’t require it.

The amount of money you have available to you on a regular debit card will also vary from day to day as money comes in and out of your checking account. However, your money is fixed to spend with a prepaid debit card, decreasing as you spend and only increase if you reload the card.

If you have learned about the Prepaid debit cards, now let’s discover how can you deposit funds into ReliaCard

Ways of Deposit Funds Into ReliaCard

Can I deposit money onto my reliacard? People who get a Reliacard most often get confused, as it doesn’t have any routing number or account number. It’s known that without those numbers, it’s not possible to deposit funds into any card account.

That means, ReliaCard doesn’t allow you to deposit money in it as you want; only the authorizing company can send funds to your card. Like receiving money, you can’t withdraw money directly; that is why you must send money to a bank account first.

Fees Associated with Reliacard

It makes no sense for ReliaCard to come with any financial cost as it is intended for the unemployed population.

ReliaCard does not charge application fees and does not collaborate with unemployment services to offer benefits to cardholders. If you get any emails or texts that provide contradictory information, please contact the agency at 877-877-9392.

Furthermore, you can report the problem directly on the ReliaCard website.

What are the advantages of having a ReliaCard?

You can say, Relia is a relief bundle for the unemployed population. Still, it offers numerous benefits to its cardmembers and agencies that use its services.

Benefits involved Agencies receive:

  • Reduce the extra expenditure of producing paper checks.
  • Reduce costs that need to be spent on vouchers and printing discount coupons.
  • Mainly utilize the use of electronic payment systems.
  • Payments are faster and safer to complete than average.
  • The processing time is less than usually required for direct deposit.

Benefits Cardholders receive:

  • Won’t require you to transfer cash and deposit a check.
  • Let their in-store purchases, ATM withdrawals, and bank transfers.
  • No additional charges.
  • An excellent customer care service.
  • Tight security with transaction alerts and data encryption.
  • FDIC-insured funds and also track your expenditure for safety.

Other Considerable benefits:

  • Unemployment insurance.
  • Temporary assistance for the families
  • Provide child support and care.
  • Heath services.
  • Income tax returns.

FAQs About the Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account

What bank can you withdraw money from ReliaCard?

Although you can’t directly withdraw money from ReliaCard, You can withdraw cash from any Visa bank or credit union by asking the cashier.

Why do U.S. banks offer ReliaCard?

The Reliacard from U.S. Bank is a prepaid debit card that is utilized for government disbursements, like unemployment benefits. Because of vast nationwide fraud schemes, debit cards granting access to unemployment benefits have recently begun to appear in mailboxes.

Is it possible to activate ReliaCard at an ATM?

After receiving your PIN, you can activate your U.S. Bank ReliaCard by following these steps – deposit or withdraw money from any U.S. Bank ATM; Carry your debit card to any U.S. Bank branch and request that a banker activate it for you.

What is the reason for Reliacard decline?

To protect it from unauthorized use, the ReliaCard includes a security feature. If you try three transactions and they are all denied, the card will automatically block itself, preventing further use until you contact Customer Service to have it unblocked.

Final Verdict

To wrap up everything, if you want to transfer money from your ReliaCard to a bank account, you first need to ensure if your program allows Card-to-Account Transfers.

If it does, click on the ‘Transferring Funds’ tab from the left side of your account (on the web) and fill the required fields, and it will lead you to the bank transfer page. You complete the transfer to the bank as an ACH withdrawal. That is the answer to your question – ‘can you transfer money from Reliacard to bank account’.

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