Top 7 Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Score In 2023

Most of us love to shop with credit cards as they offer hassle-free purchases and better security in all compensation. But, if you are suffering from a poor or unfurnished credit score/ FICO score, getting approved for a credit card can be tricky and a hassle for you. Thus, you may have searched for department store credit cards with 620 credit score.

According to the credit card approval requirements, we can say that you may need a fair credit to get approved for most cards.

A FICO score between 500 to 599 is considered poor credit, and 600 to 699 is considered a fair or decent credit score. More than 700 and up to 850 are listed in the sound and excellent credit score categories.

There is nothing to get depressed about; the best department store credit cards come with approval terms for users with poor and fair credit scores.

Some of the best department store credit cards in 2023 are- Target, FlexShopper, and Best Buy. These are among the leading departmental chain stores in the United States, which you can get with poor, lousy, or fair credit scores.

Let’s get into the detailed discussion of the best department store credit cards with 620 credit scores!

Recommended 2 Best Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Score

StoresKey Takeaways
TargetOrder anything at a 5 percent discount, and, get up to 40 dollars discount on minimum purchases over $40 upon initial approval, and enjoy free shipping on all online orders.
FlexShopperPurchase from their extensive collection of 1 million products with up to 52 monthly flexible payments terms, including up to 2500 dollars shopping threshold on approval

Top 7 Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Score In 2023

After thorough research, we have consisted of a list of Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Scores. Our enlisted shops and online platforms come with a wide section of physical outlets and a comprehensive online site.

We have added shops on considering key factors like store cards, premiums, bonuses & rewards, and the availability of shops and online sites. Most of the shops are the leading and prominent online shopping sites worldwide.

1. Target

If you’re peeking for department store credit cards with 620 credit scores, we suggest Target, a famous retailer in the United States.

They come with a broad range of qualitative commodities like electronics, furniture, scenery items, shoes, make-up things, and other complements.

If you compare the quality with the service and reputation, Target will stand as the second-largest retailer shop in the US after Amazon.

If you want to make payments at Target, you can employ the RED cards, and they have recognized credit cards that are usable only at Target outlets.


  • Every approved subscriber and RED cardholder offers up to 5 percent cash back on everyday purchases.
  • Upon initial approvals, you can get up to a 40 dollars discount on minimum purchases over $40.
  • They come with a long returning term for orders with 30 days for free backs.
  • If you spend a minimum of 500 dollars on baby care elements using the RED card, you can grab more than 670 dollars in savings.
  • You can go for any products with flexible monthly installments or payment methods under their financing service.

Target doesn’t charge any fees for their credit or debit cards, but they charge up to 24 percent Annual Percentage Yield on all orders made with cards.

Nevertheless, they charge approximately 40 dollars as a delay expense. Before you get into the shopping services of Target, you must be a valid US citizen aged 18 or more.

2. FlexShopper


If you cannot make purchases because of your bad credit score, you can check out the financing and rent-to-own options from FlexShopper.

They are a primary national online site in the United States with more than 1 million brand new products collection.

With FlexShopper, you can go for purchases with flexible terms and payments without any hassling contracts.

With FlexShopper’s FlexWallet service, you can get a chance to purchase your favorite items from their large products section within your spending limits.

Upon instant approval, they will provide you with the personal spending limit, which will stand within your FlexWallet. FlexShopper also comes with qualitative new items and refurbished products also.


  • They give a maximum of 2500 dollars spending limit for ordering any items after initial approval
  • You can pick from a comprehensive collection of top-class products from famous shops like Amazon, and Best Buy
  • They provide fabulous customer service 24 hours, 7 days a week with live chat messages!
  • You can go for financing or leasing programs at a maximum of 52 monthly payment options
  • FlexShopper comes with transparent financing programs, and they don’t charge any extra charges or hidden costs

FlexShopper also has a protection service for your ordered products named FlexAdvantage. You can ensure purchase protection with this service.

Even if you miss any paydays, you don’t have to worry about paying delayed fees. If you return any leasing products with due payment, they will charge Dishonored fees.

3. Best Buy

Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Score - Best Buy

Best Buy is a well-known and prominent American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota.

It was founded in late 1996, and now they are one of the leading online and offline shopping platforms in the US, which you can use to buy things online with checking accounts.

The Best Buy Visa cards come with many benefits and reward options for the eligibles. However, they are a few department store credit cards with 620 credit scores. You can get the approval instantly if you have the set prerequisites. Their services are easy to access, fast, and safe.


  • All Best Buy credit card holders can get up to 5 percent cashback rewards on all purchases
  • With the credit cards, you can choose payments and financing options starting with 299 dollars and up
  • The Elite Plus cardmembers of Best Buy credit card can get 6 percent cash back rewards on each order
  • My Best Buy credit cards from Citi Bank come with up to 10% cashback rewards upon approval instantly
  • Get 1% cashback on everyday purchases, 2% on dining & grocery purchases, and 3% on gas purchases

Best Buy comes with my Best Buy Credit Card and My Best Buy Visa Cards. For Core and Elite cardholders, they offer up to 1250 points or 25 dollars reward value on purchases of 500 dollars. For Elite Plus cards, they offer up to 1500 points or 30 dollars reward value on purchases of 500 dollars.

4. Kohl’s


Kohl’s is a chain department store based in the US with more than 1160 store locations around the country.

You can utilize Kohl’s My Charge Card at their authorized shops only.

With Kohl’s shopping credit card, you can unlock substantial extra benefits and other privileges by shopping from their shops only.

Kohl’s Card is the only credit card that unlocks savings at Kohl’s just for shopping, and you can get a maximum of 35% discount on the first-day purchase as a new card member. You can also enjoy a special anniversary offer every year, including monthly exclusive savings offers.


  • Get up to 30% off from your first order when you have opened a verified Kohl’s account.
  • Provides more than 12 offers with exclusive discounts each year
  • Upon the arrival of your card, you can get up to a 15% discount on initial orders
  • With Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You, you can get extra privileges per day on each purchase
  • Receive up to 18 special discounts yearly if you spend up to 600 dollars on your Kohl’s My charge Credit card.

First, you have to be 18 years or more and a valid US citizen. The age restriction is 19 for Nebraska & Alabama. Based on your credits, they will charge, on average, 25 percent APR for all online and in-store orders. If you struggle to pay installments on time and make due, you may pay 38 dollars as a delay fee.

5. Bloomingdales

Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Score - Bloomingdales

Founded in New York, Bloomingdale’s is one of America’s most renowned luxury retail chain stores, with more than 60 stores & outlets across the country.

Bloomingdale’s comes with a vast collection of shoes, clothes, designer products from brands, handbags, and other home & lifestyle accessories.

With Bloomingdale’s card purchases, you can churn out excellent deals and discounts. Their credit card is used for purchases in-store or from the online site.

Bloomingdale’s also has American Express Cards, which you can use at both Bloomingdales and other brands accepting American Express Cards.


  • Enjoy exclusive traveling services and other premium offers with an American Express card
  • To get additional bonuses and rewards, including the cashback, you can use their provided rewards points
  • If you order shoes, perfumes, and other relevant goods, they will offer you double reward points
  • Regardless of the online or in-store purchases, you can earn bonus points for using it later
  • They offer cost-free shipping for authorized orders, and free shipping also includes returned items as well

If you face issues paying installments on time and make due, you may have to pay 38 dollars as a delay fee. For applying at Bloomingdale’s credit card benefits or membership Cards, you must be at least 18 years older or more. The age restriction is 21 for Puerto Rico and 19 for Nebraska & Alabama.

6. Nordstrom


Nordstrom is one of the most prominent luxury department chain stores, which has more than 470 stores and outlets across the USA.

Initially, it was based on shoes, but now they have become a full-department retailer with clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, footwear, perfumes, and other accessories.

Nordstrom offers Visa cards for each approved user to buy things online with checking accounts. With Nordstrom Visa Card, you can get great rewards by purchasing more and more points. Let’s find out the features of the Nordstrom Visa Reward card!


  • If you’re a new cardholder at Nordstrom, you can get a 40 dollars bonus upon the first approval.
  • Per dollar spent, you can get three reward points for Nordstrom Exclusive Card, 2 points for Nordstrom purchases with the primary card, and 1 point for orders elsewhere.
  • You can redeem 5 dollars for 500 points, 10 dollars for 1000 points, and 15 dollars for 1500 points from Nordstrom IOS exclusive app.
  • Nordstrom provides up to 20 dollars bonus on every 100 dollars you spend on their shops.
  • Requires no annual fee for the usage of the Nordstrom Credit cards

You can get notified of their exclusive Anniversary sales before any other basic users to the public. First of all, you have to be a minimum of 18 years or more and a valid US citizen to apply for Nordstrom. The age restriction is 19 for Nebraska & Alabama and 21 for Puerto Rico & Mississippi.

7. Walmart


Walmart is also a major chain store in the United States which comes with choices for both credit cards and Mastercards.

You can quickly go for purchases at third-party shops with the Walmart MasterCard, and their credit card is functional at authorized shops like Sam’s Club.


  • You can get up to 5% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores.
  • Provides up to 2% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores, fuel stations, restaurants, and other travels
  • Get 1% cashback on purchases and shipping fees for orders at third-party stores where Mastercard is accepted.
  • With reward points for each purchase, you can get up to 600 dollars redeemed from Walmart every year.
  • You can stay assured with a maximum of 15 dollars overdraft purchase protection from Walmart, but it may require opt-in for activation.

Anyone wanting to get eligibility into Walmart stores needs to be a minimum of 18 years old and a valid citizen of the United States.

Besides, you have to bring up your tax upholding records to submit an approval at Walmart. According to credits, Walmart takes up to 14 to 24 percent APR for each order.

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FAQ About Department Store Credit Cards With 620 Credit Score

What store card can I get with a 620 credit score?

Some of the best department store credit cards to get with a 620 credit score are Target, FlexShopper, & Best Buy. These are among the top chain stores in the US.

What credit score is needed for retail cards?

On average, you may need to have a credit score of about 640 and more than that to get retail or department store credit cards.

What department store cards are easy to get?

Target and Best Buy are two of the most accessible department store cards with poor credit. You can get a credit card from these stores with a credit of 580 & more.

Final Verdict

As you can see, now you don’t have to restrain yourself from making your favorite purchases just because of your unfurnished credit.

With these top department store credit cards with 620 credit scores, you can smartly get approved for a store credit card. But, with these store cards, you are less likely to build your credits since they have more significant APRs and fewer expenses.

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