Factory reset Galaxy S2: hard reset to unlock Galaxy pattern lock easily

Factory reset Galaxy S2 – Today I will discuss and write about it. Before going to explain about it, like to say something about this phone. Samsung one of the best and largest mobile company in the world.  Currently Samsung is the top #1 mobile company in the world by its terms of use and popularity. Due to android version feature people get millions of apps and games on their Samsung smart phones just for free. Mobile users installing multiple apps for make their phones amazing look and also they installing lots of free games from Google play store. As we everybody know about Google play store. People can find their custom apps and game on Google play store. Sometimes users phone got hanged and crashed due to install too many apps and games in low capacity phone processors or storage.  And then we looking for a mobile technician for fix this kind slow response hang-up our phone. And the technician asks you for a good number of money to pay him for fix it for you. Even you could fix your phone your self  without paying anything to anybody, but you can’t do it, because you don’t know how to fix. In this tips article I will write about, HOW TO HARD RESET YOUR SAMSUNG GALAXY S2

What will happened after your hard reset your Samsung galaxy s3, Please before you hard reset your smart phone, please keep this in mind.

  • All kind of music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically.
  • Your contact list and call or chat history will be formatted automatically.
  • That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone before.
  • So I suggest you, before hard reset your GALAXY S2 please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important thing.

Now back to the point about hard reset your phone, please follow the steps below for reset your Samsung mobile.

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How to factory reset Galaxy S2

  • At first switch of your phone. Please remove your phones back cover, remove the battery, wait for a couple of second & insert it back.
  • Now press volume UP button, Power button & mobile home button at the same time, until you see the android robot. And you will see the android recovery screen there, as you are the right place. So you will get a quite a few options on that hard reset screen. One of that really important for you, would be the wipe data/factory reset.

Factory reset Galaxy

  • Scroll down with the volume down button to WIPE DATA/ FACTORY RESET, and go ahead and confirm it with the POWER BUTTON.
  • And then the next screen, select – delete all user data with the VOLUME DOWN button, press the POWER button
  • Now you will see it’s working better of formatting. So just wait for couple of minutes. And then you will see it will work completely.

And now the hard reset of your SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 complete. Now your phone settings will be like before as you buy from the shop. You can set everything again as a new phone you have done before.

If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.


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