How To Get Gaming PC Financing No Credit Check Required

Can’t step forward to purchase your favorite gaming PC because of a bad or inferior credit score? Here is how you can get the best Gaming PC financing no credit check required.

These gaming PC financing options don’t require any credit checks, and you can also switch to flexible payments through monthly installments.

No credit check or bad credit gaming PC financing options are mostly offered under the lease to own or rent to own electronics programs. Owning a computer or gaming PC won’t be an issue since you can get guaranteed computer financing from our picked best no credit check gaming PC financing providers.

Gaming PC payment plan no credit check options from Luthersales, CLX Gaming, and Xotic PC are the best ones that add up to 36 months financing gaming PC for users with bad credits. Let’s explore more in the actual section!

Recommended 2 Best Gaming PC Financing No Credit Check Providers

ProvidersKey Takeaways
LuthersalesOffers up to 36 months of installments on Gaming Computers, PCs, and Laptops without credit checks, and they provide approval within 3 minutes based on work history.
CLX GamingGet a premium collection of Gaming PCs and High-Performance Gaming Systems at up to 36 months with APR rates between 10% and 30% for purchases above $2,000
Xotic PCProvides Custom Computer, Laptop, and PC Financing for users with all credits for orders over 3, 12, 24, or 36 months at competitive interest rates with a low 0% APR

Top 7 (Provider) Gaming PC Financing No Credit Check 2023

If you are unable to purchase your desired gaming PC with actual cash, you may have been thinking about personal loans or lease programs. But, Lease to Own Gaming PC programs are more flexible for users with poor banking history or bad credit.

Following, we have consisted a list of 7 best gaming PC financing no credit check providers. Let’s scroll down for further details about the providers!

1. Luthersales


Luthersales is a famous online shopping site that offers buy now pay later programs on a wide section of product departments.

Without any credit check, you can step forward to their Gaming PC finances which takes just about 3 minutes to apply. They have been offering reliable financing services to make luxury easier since 1967.

According to Luthersales, Gaming PC financing has never been so easy with Luthersales, which adds responsible purchases.

They come with the most popular gaming PC or computers from renowned brands like ASUS, Dell, Acer, etc. Luthersales also offers a credit card which you can use to purchase later from anywhere easily.


  • Offers Ture financial wellness Program with brand name quality products
  • Requires no setup or membership fees for leasing and offers in house customer service
  • The application process is fast which can be done within 3 minutes, and they send fast approvals
  • Adds budget-friendly low payment options which don’t require perfect credits
  • You can also improve your credit with their financing for up to 36 months

With all that, you can also get free delivery and a white glove setup of your ordered items. Moreover, you don’t require any credit cards or any voluntary direct deposits.

The approval process is based on the work history, so there is nothing to worry about the credits that you may have been concerned with. Luther sales financing can also help you improve your credit scores.

2. CLX Gaming

CLX Gaming

Are you looking for a gaming PC financing no credit check to bring your dream machines at home? CLX gaming will be one of the best options, which comes with easy payments for up to 3 years.

Within just three easy steps. You can go for their gaming PC financing program, and after order, products will be at your doorsteps, and you can pay the amounts later with flexible installments.

CLX is a famous system integration that is based on content creators and PC gamers. It was basically launched in the market at the beginning of 2016.

It mainly operates under Cybertron International, which has been a prominent system integrator of the United States since 1997. They come with premium products, flexible system design, and wide product customization options.


  • Make your dream machine purchases with easy payments for up to 36 months
  • All payments options come with a 0% Annual Percentage Yield for options over six months
  • You can also extend your payments for 36 months with 10 to 20 percent APRs for orders over 2000 dollars
  • They provide gaming PC and gaming systems financing with the leasing services from Affirm.
  • After the first account opening before orders, they will go with a soft credit check, which won’t impact credit scores.

To create an Affirm account, you need to use your name, mobile number, last 4 digits of SSN, date of birth, email, and other relevant details. Purchasing a gaming PC with financing options from CLX is simple.

First, you need to discover, combine, and configure your dream machine. Then select the Affirm payment option at checkout, enter your necessary information, and confirm your loan.

3. Xotic PC

Xotic PC

Xotic PC is well-known for customized computers, laptops, and gaming PCs. They are also one of the best gaming PC financing no credit check options.

One great thing about Xotic PC is its credit checking system, which accepts all credit types. Purchasing a gaming PC with bad credit has never been so easy with Xotic PC financing offered with QuadPay, PayTomorrow, and Bread financing platform.


  • Comes with flexible monthly payment options at 0% APR for 3, 12, 24, and 36 months
  • Without no obligation to purchase products, you can get a decision within seconds that won’t affect your credit score.
  • Their financing also changes on payment penalties when you purchase with monthly or prepay options.
  • Checkouts are available for as low as just 40 dollars from Pay Tomorrow financing platforms.
  • If you finance with QuadPay, you can purchase it with 4 installments for up to 2000 dollars without impacting your credit.

Almost all the financing platforms offer Gaming PC finances without any hidden fees. Customers can go for rates as low as 0 percent Annual Percentage Yield. All their monthly installment plans are flexible and add competitive interest rates.

Financing with Xotic PC can also help your credit scores grow. If you stick with low on your funds and require a gaming PC, Xotic PC is highly recommended.

4. Fierce PC

Fierce PC

Fierce PC is a UK-based gaming or electronics company that comes with monthly financing options for gaming PC, laptops, and computers. They come with three financing options which last for up to 3 years or 36 months.

Some of their gaming PC financing options are Countdown Interest Bearing, Novuna Interest Bearing Agreement, Novuna Simply 12, buy now pay Later, etc.

The Countdown Interest Bearing option is almost similar to buy now pay later options. Interest bearing option lasts for up to 12 months, and it may also require 10 percent as a deposit.

With the financing options, you may have to pay an early settlement fee of just 29 pounds. The Novuna Interest Bearing Agreement financing can also last for 4 years.


  • For the purchases under the buy now pay later program, they charge a representative APR ranging from 14.9% to 19.9%
  • Offers a wide variety of financing options for gaming PC, laptop, or computer purchases
  • There are no arrangement fees or hidden extras in the financing or buy now pay later options from Fierce PC
  • Get your desired gaming PC or computer with installment options ranging from 12 months to 48 months
  • All the programs, including Interest bearing finances, requires a minimum 10% opening deposit from the product price

The application process of Fierce PC financing is simple, and you can apply from their online platform easily. Scroll down their site, choose your device combination, and add them to the cart.

After that, select the payment option from their recognized financing platform, and complete the online application form. Once you have submitted the application, within minutes, you’ll get the application approval.

5. Origin PC

Origin PC

Origin PC is a renowned computer or laptop producing corporation which was founded in the middle of 2009, and the company is situated in Miami, USA.

You can grab awesome gaming PCs and laptops from Origin PC even if you are a person who doesn’t have a good credit score to get qualified for most PCs.

You can go for customized computers, gaming desktops, gaming laptops, and other configured workstation devices with their financing option.

For their financing program, you need to get pre-approved using your credit score. They may go for a soft credit check during purchase which won’t impact your overall credit score.


  • With their monthly financing options, you can purchase a gaming PC at a sticker price for less than 6 months of agreement.
  • They come with comprehensive financing options which range from 6 to 36 months and it bases on the user qualifications
  • For large orders, they may charge a variable interest or APR of 16.99 percent from the product price
  • Origin PC financing is easy to apply, and they provide instant online approval for all
  • After pre-approbation, you can go for any gaming PC with an interest-free financing condition

Origin PC buy now pay later or financing term allows qualifying customers to bundle their desired desktop, laptop, and accessories under a monthly payment plan, and it only takes a few minutes to apply.

Their best category gaming desktops start at just 51.76 dollars, and gaming laptops are available at 79.42 dollars monthly. Their workstations come with just 30.30 dollars per month.

6. No Compromise Gaming

No Compromise Gaming

With No Compromise Gaming, you can go for gaming PC financing no credit check with one payment at a time.

It doesn’t matter if you have no credit, fair credit, or poor credit; they come with options for each type of gamer. They will assist you in owning the most advanced gaming machines in monthly installments.

From No Compromise Gaming, you can get gaming desktops, gaming laptops, and other related accessories at affordable prices.

Their no credit check no down payment program requires pre-qualification, and all pre-approved users can obtain the facilities. However, you can go for checkouts and estimate your values without any extra charges.


  • All users can get free shipping after order, except for the residents of Hawaii and Alaska
  • This is a BBB accredited business, and they care for your satisfaction and happiness
  • With your required info, you can submit an application and get instant approval within seconds
  • They come with flexible terms, and they can range up to 36 months
  • For purchases under the 90-day term, they offer options as same as the cash price

For the high-end computers and gaming PCs, they add affordable rates and flexible prices. They won’t let you compromise a single bit from getting your dreamt gaming devices, even if you have lousy credit. Payment plans come with options that will allow you to pay twice monthly, which means they have quarterly plans.

7. Electro Finance

Electro Finance

Are you someone who wants to purchase the desired gaming PC, but credit score becomes an obstacle in front of your dream? If so, you can go for the leasing alternatives from Electro Finance.

They offer electronics products from televisions, laptops, gaming PCs, phones, earphones, cleaners, cameras, digital watches, and other homely things.

Electro Finance has made purchasing desired gaming laptops or PCs more comfortable. You don’t need to be concerned about your credits when you go with Electro Finance leasing plans.

Their leasing plans come with easy monthly & weekly installment and expense prospects. You can take home what you require now and pay the price with rent-to-own financing.


  • Their offers contain effortless application procedures without the necessity for any credit inspections.
  • You can go for it without any limitations and exact day pick up is also obtainable on most commodities.
  • It gives free shipping on each variety throughout the nation except for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and NJ.
  • After submitting the application, you can receive an instant decision for completing any purchases, and it is open to all credit classes.
  • They comprise the latest products at competitive costs with delivery, installment, and safety arrangements.

You can quickly add up day-to-day commodities; they furnish multiple payment alternatives for everyday essentials like cookers, washers & dryers, fridges, ovens, TVs, etc.

Purchase these commodities using their assistance. You’ll be able to pick them up at your regional stores and pay suitable payments via financing options that function with your paydays.

FAQ About Gaming PC Financing No Credit Check

How can I get a gaming PC with bad credit?

With bad credit, you can get a gaming PC with financing options. You can pick one of the above-mentioned providers for gaming PC financing. Otherwise, you can go for Amazon gaming PC financing, which is a monthly payment for expensive items like gaming PCs.

Can you finance a gaming PC?

Yes, you can finance a gaming PC from several providers or financing platforms. Several companies like HP or Origin PC(mentioned above) come with financing options for customizable PCs or gaming computers.

Is there a way to finance a gaming PC?

Definitely, you can go to finance your gaming PC in several ways. You can choose any stores that come with leasing or buy now pay later options. Famous shops like Amazon, FlexShopper, LeaseVille offer flexible financing for gaming PCs for a maximum of 36 months.

Can I do monthly payments on a gaming PC?

Most gaming PC financing options come with a monthly payment system. If you choose the monthly payment option, your total payable amount will be divided by months after adding the APRs or interest. Programs that charge 0% APR offer payments at the sticker price of the items.

Can I finance a PC without credit?

Yes, you can finance a PC without credit or poor credit from providers like Luthersales, CLX Gaming, Xotic PC, Origin PC, etc. These providers accept all credit types and offer gaming PC financing no credit checks.

Final Verdict

Now you know financing a gaming PC is pretty straightforward, and anyone with any credit type can go for expensive and qualitative gaming computers. Except for these top gaming PC financing No credit check providers, you can go for some famous stores as well.

A few leading stores that have buy now pay later financing programs are- Amazon, Sears, KMart, FlexShopper, LeaseVille, etc. Before purchasing any PC from retailers, you should always comprehend the terms and conditions of their leasing programs. Otherwise, you may feel disappointed later.

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