Huawei reset | How to hard reset Huawei P8.

How to reset Huawei P8. And why you need to hard reset Huawei P8. P8 one of the good Smartphone of Huawei company. However some amazing controls of the users interface didn’t work properly over reliably on the Huawei P8 model. Sometimes we need to reset Huawei phone for fix some simple or critical issues like hanging, freezing, disable notification bar, slow response and so on. For fix this kind of you issues yourself, you have to know how to reset Huawei P8 softly.

So if you like to reset huawei P8 softly via yourself, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to your Huawei P8 home screen.
  2. From the Huawei home screen select Settings.
  3. Here you will see the couple of option to choose, select Accounts section.
  4. On the Account section you will see Backup option.
  5. Tap on the Backup & reset.
  6. You will get Factory data reset bottom of the phone, tap on it.

Wait for couple of minutes, your phone will shut down and back On itself and then it will complete reset Huawei P8 settings softly.

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What will happen if you hard reset Huawei P8 or reboot Huawei P8, please before you hard reset Huawei phone, please read this carefully:

  1. All kind of music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically.
  2. All of your contact list & call or chat history SMS-MMS will be formatted automatically.
  3. That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone before.
  4. So I suggest you, before reset Huawei P8, please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important things.

Back to the point about how to hard reset Huawei P8. Please follow the steps below for reboot Huawei P8, please don’t miss anything and do it carefully.

Huawel wipe data factory reset

  1. At first please turned Off your Huawei P8.
  2. Remove the battery from your phone and wait couple of seconds. Then put it again it the phone.
  3. Please press Volume up & Power button at the same time until it vibrate then release the power button and Huawei recovery screen appear to you.
  4. You will see couple of option on the screen, please select Wipe data/Factory reset using the volume key and confirm via Power button.
  5. Your Huawei P8 data and cache will format automatically and will appear a screen with Reboot System now, Wipe data / factory reset, Wipe cache partition.
  6. Select Reboot system now.
  7. Your phone will shut down and restart itself with Huawei logo and hard reset Huawei P8 is completed. So just wait for couple of minutes. And then you will see it will work perfectly.

Now your phone settings will be like before as you buy from the shop. You can set everything again as a new phone you have done before. If you have any kind of question about hard reset Huawei P8 or have any kind of tips or tricks for improve Smartphone’s basically Huawei P8, Please don’t hesitate to share with us; we will post an article favor of you. If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.

My opinion about the Huawei P8 Smartphone. This may helpful for you.

Huawei’s company announced its flagship P8 April 2015 and also it released at the same month of the year. If this one standout component of the Huawei P8, the design from an aesthetic perspective it’s beautiful. All four anodize aluminum finishes have their appeal by the you go for the mystic champagne titanium grey carbon black or prestige gold the polish chamfered edges are attractive in contrast well with the software anodize finish on the edges. The back side is around completely metal separately from the glass panel at the top and the plastic antenna band on the bottom, is also incredibly slim and just 6.4 millimeters thick. It feels light in hand but doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Huawei P8 has a pretty solid feel to it. From the front with the screen of it has a very striking look. If fact you would be forgive me for desire that it has a original amply display, sadly however it’s an illusion. Switch the phone on and you will notice a black frame all the way around the edges of the actual display panel. And if you have a really dark wallpaper you might not even notice it. But I couldn’t and see it after I had. The right edge fee just to cart raise one sim and one micro SD. It’s also a volume rocker and the power button sits inside its own shallow groove and is finished for the concentric circle pattern on top for texture. All of these have an attractive finish however the parts of  internal software and the user interface have been designed very nicely. There are lots of attractive fine lines and animations. Just switching the device OFF is pleasant to do.

As is updating the software. But the user interface poses its issues although attractive the standard Weiwei launcher doesn’t feel like it makes full use of android’s customize ability. Even when you install and use a custom launcher like yahoo’s  a v8 or Google now launching, you are still stuck with Huawei P8 app icons instead of just allowing any custom shape icon. It puts a color-matched rounded square behind it. What’s more with my ways own launcher there’s no app drawer, everything is on the home screens are in folders it looks like a weird cross between IOS and Android app folders open in their own screen and the drop-down menu has 2 screen. There are even a small control center that comes up from the bottom in the lock screen. In some ways it reminds me a lot of the days when I use to jailbreak my iPhone, not since always a bad thing but I have feeling that a view by this year either going to love it or hate it apart from the black gap around the edges this 5.2 inch 1080 P display is actually rather good. It sharp and clear colors are plenty vivid enough for an accurate at the same time.


Huawei P8

What’s more the viewing angles are superb. It doesn’t seem to lose much brightness. Even when looking at it from narrow angle content looks good on screen. Whites is still clean and everything is clear I have no issue with saying this is one of the best LCD panels I’ve used so far and 424 pixels per inch is really sharp in the final lines in the operating system make the most about. If there’s black edge on screen that really disappointed me with a while way it’s the performance. It has been one of the most unreliable Android phones I’ve used this year. Apps that needs a run in the background likes trough is running out cut off after about 10 minutes or so, meaning my running sessions on track probably unless I don’t go into a bespoke menu and decide I want to switch not gonna make sure it’s always running. I have also seen multiple app crashes and some just download data probably leaving me with incorrect or incomplete information.

However some amazing controls of the users interface didn’t work properly over reliably. For instance the screen brightness into the drop down menu of Huawei P8 was the highest frustrating I have ever had to use, eighty percent of the time maybe even more instead of detecting I was sliding the toggle it would switch to the notification screen in the drop down menu instead. Apart from those issues I have the performance was generally good. Web pages load quickly and transitioning among screens and application was sleek. That’s probably no surprise to anyone given that it has a knock to call process a built-in for the spec hungry among you, that is the high silicon Kirin 9.30 processes are made up of two quote call process is one of those is a 2.0 gigahertz in the other one is a 1.5 gigahertz. Its also has 3 gigabytes Abram drawn to battery life and thanks to its software improvements and clever use of process a power the P8 has exemplary battery life. Its 2006 180 million power cell may not sound like much on paper but even with pretty heavy use I struggle to use it up in a day.  Probably promises it will get to a day and a half with regular use. So even the heaviest I’ve uses should easily make it through one workday.

A big part of this  phone’s launch event was the camera, it’s a 13 megapixels sensor and comes with Optical image stabilization and a dual LED true tome flash. But more importantly why we want you to use it on full of cool creative features, you campaign with likes using it’s low exposure tools used the low-light performance of take pictures in the dark or shoot time-lapse videos. As for quality you get what you’d expect from a nap stop to brand new Sony RGBW sensor. Which is to say is pretty great they live images a shop unclear even if the colors on as lively as some may like them to be. And as you’d expect from a phone camera low-light images can be a little on the noisy side but not terrible. Overall it’s a great camera in my not be quite as good as the Galaxy S6 but it’s great number less. As a wrap the plan my P8 is an unusual case where you get exceptional hardware put together with temperamental although attractive software. If this came loaded with stock Android, it could be one of the best phone on the market right now. Quite easily given my experience with using the device over the past weeks and how frustrated it made me a lot of the time, I find it hard to recommend. Luckily improving software and performance of Huawei P8 should be as simple as releasing regular updates. At least the Huawei company got the one thing right and you couldn’t do anything about after launch.

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