How to hard reset Sony Xperia Z3 by your self

Reset Sony Xperia Z3 your self. Today I will share my experience, about how to hard reset Sony Xperia Z3 your self. Sony the name, believe in better. In the world of electronics, such as Television,CD-DVD,Computer,Laptop, electric oven and others kind of products Sony is the best ever in electronics market. However the smart phones also not less popular made by Sony, And Sony Xperia Z3 one of most the popular Smart phone for user.

Sony xperia-z-Hardresettips

Some reasons, that’s why you need to reset Sony Xperia Z3

1. For fix hang-up and slow response or Freezing problem.

2. Maybe reset and forgotten screen lock password or pattern problem.

3. For resolve the unexpected Apps Crash.

4. Remove Personal data from your Phone before sell it to anyone.

5. Or may you like to restore your Sony Xperia Z3 default factory setting.

But before go to reset Sony Xperia Z3 or restore factory settings Xperia Z3 Please don’t forget to read this warning…

#All kind of Music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically.
# Your contact list and call or chat history will be formatted automatically.
# That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone before.
# So I suggest you, before reset Sony Xperia Z3 please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important thing.

Here is the following steps for How to hard reset Sony Xperia Z3 by your self

Sony Xperia PC Companion


Start by turning off your phone, first you have to launch the Sony PC Companion Software on your desktop. You can download and install by the Sony PC  Companion software by using this URL
     1. Power on your Computer, launch  Sony PC companion software into your Computer.
     2. Click Sony PC companion software start button and then click the support zone section.
     3.Now Click on Start button under the Phone/Tablet software update tab.
     4. After that click on repair my phone/tablet.
     5. Then you can chose your Phone model or just click another Phone/Tablet.
     6. Now you have to Chose your Xperia Z or select Another Phone/Tablet.
     7.Confirm by following the instruction & continue.
     8.Now Press & hold volume Down button on your phone and Plugin the USB Cable.
     9. Release the button when system of restoring start.
    10. Please wait until the processing of restoring has finish.
    11. After finished the processing of restoring please unplug the USB cable from the phone.
    12. Now power on your phone, Your Sony Xperia Z3 completely reset with its original factory settings as like a new phone.

My opinion about Sony Xperia Z3, About it’s feature,performance & user experience

Sony Xperia Z3 has Added several Great feature on Kitkat, As the menu in application, {access via swiping at the left to center on the screen } which will allow you to view your applications by the default theme, apps data, favorite category and most used etc.

when Sony Xperia Z comes about it performance, the Sony Xperia z3 has all of the Snapdragon 801 to rely on and it’s have been amped up to 2.5 ghz include a perfect mix of ROM To boot. Most important thing, it makes me exited with the speed and responsiveness and perfect play all the times.

About multimedia and online browsing experience

Sony Xperia Z3 browsing speed is better than others Sony older version as I feel that, as from the page load, scroll, zoom and when I touch on a link it’s response good to redirect to the URL, even sometimes it’s bit slower, and I think it’s due to slow connection but overall it’s better will pass the test as any expect minimum. In multimedia about the Xperia z3 video play back, it’s bit closer to Samsung, LG video play back with Full HD 1080px. Sony Xperia Z3 will support MKV & AVI video format too with Xperia Z3 default video Player. One more thing, Wifi reception with the one of my laptop and others signals also are very strong. There are no complains about it.

Sony used the same 20.7 mega pixels for Xperia Z3 and Sony insist they used this 20.7 megapixels for Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact are similarly arrayed. also the same as front-facing camera 2.2 megapixels too, which is not perfect for the selfie addict dreamer but perfectly enough for odd video call. But you can quickly adjust your camera or video settings from the viewfinder like scent section, white balance,flash mode etc.  One icon allow you to change everything from image resolution to ISO setting & smile detection also image storage location. But some times its Low light performance disappoint me and all photos I took in dark, those come out horribly clamorous. Sony Xperia Z3 battery life is very good better than others. Competing with others similar sizes hand sets it’s reasonable price, I have sped lots of time with this new Sony Xperia Z3 & overall I recommend to others, this is best android smart phones in small size in five inches screen.

If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.

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