How to unlock LG phone Nexus 5 via hard reset and restore LG factory settings

Our today’s topic is LG Nexus 5 and how to fix Nexus 5 snippet problem like, restore LG Nexus 5 factory settings, how to reset LG phone or unlock Nexus 5 pattern lock, and how to hard reset LG phone. At the current world maximum people are using Smartphone, the use of ordinary phone are decreasing day by day. Before I go to the main point, I like to say one thing that I realize about Smartphone. To capture the beautiful moments of our lives there are no pair of Smartphone. For example, if you want to capture a picture or like to record a small video in a beautiful moment for reminisce later, in this case the contribution of Smartphone are immense. LG Nexus 5 having such a fantastic Smartphone. Because LG Nexus 5 have 8MP OIS Camera (front camera 1.3) video playback1080P@30fps and video recording with the same feature. Nexus 5 have Very good audio-video sound system. It has full touch screen IPS display, 16M colors, sRGB 100%. This Smartphone support Google android apps. Google cloud print, Google Hangouts etc as it’s running on Android OS, v4.4(KitKat), upgradeable up to Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Nexus 5 has Li-Po 2300 mAh battery but the problem is this battery is non-removable. Anyway if you need complete details about LG Nexus 5 you can search on Google. Anyway not to increase unnecessary topics, get back to the instruction about how to reset LG phone. Before you apply process for hard reset LG Nexus 5, I suggest you to try soft reset an LG phone.

Please follow easy steps to know soft reset an LG phone or unlock LG phone Nexus 5

  1. Please go to your Nexus 5 home screen.
  2. Tap on the account section for next step.
  3. And then you will see Backup and Reset option for soft reset LG phone.
  4. Tap on the Backup and Reset.
  5. In the bottom side of your Nexus 5 you will see Factory data reset.
  6. Touch / Tap on that Factory data reset.

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Nexus 5 will be shut down and back on itself. And when it’s back ON with LG logo that means your soft reset for LG phone has been completed.

If your problem is not fixed yet then you can try to factory reset or hard LG phone process. Before you go for hard reset LG phone Nexus 5, you need to know why you should apply this process and how to do it.

Here are few simple or critical issues of Nexus 5

  1. If you need to fix hang-up, LG phone freezing or slow response issues.
  2. When you need to remove your personal information from your Smartphone due to sell it to anyone else.
  3. Maybe you reset or forgotten screen lock password or unlock Nexus 5 pattern lock.
  4. Maybe you need to resolve unexpected games or application crash.
  5. Or might you like to restore LG Nexus 5 factory settings.

If you not facing too much trouble with your LG Nexus 5, I mean if it’s just for lazy response or something like unwanted apps crashed. I suggest you for reset LG phone softly. No need to hard reset LG phone.

But if you facing little more problem like if your phone not responding you, if you forgot your Nexus 5 patter lock, if your Nexus 5 got freeze due to missing screen lock multiple times or type wrong pattern lock. If your Nexus 5 got crashed with unwanted gaming apps and you want to clear cache via wipe data/factory reset process.  If your LG phone won’t turn ON even you tried to replace new phone battery. If you got Wi-Fi  / data connection error, while going to connect your Nexus 5 with Wi-Fi hotspot network. If you don’t facing any problem like I said then my writing is meaningless for you. But if you got any of issues into your LG phone, then this article I mean this LG factory reset instruction will be helpful for you.

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Learn how to unlock LG phone and restore LG factory settings via hard reset system

  1. Please switch of your Nexus 5.
  2. Remove the battery, wait for a couple of second & insert it back.
  3. Then press volume UP button, Power button & mobile home button at the same time, until you see the LG android robot on your screen.
  4. While android appear on your Nexus 5 screen, you will see UP-Down arrow for select Recovery mode and confirm via power button.

LG Nexus Recovery mode

  1. Once you go next screen of Nexus 5 Recovery mode you will see couple of option into the screen. Scroll down with the volume down button to WIPE DATA/ FACTORY RESET, and go ahead and confirm it via the POWER BUTTON.

LG Wipe Data-Factory reset

  1. And then the next screen, select – delete all user data via the VOLUME DOWN button, and press POWER button to confirm. Now you will see its working better of formatting. So just wait for couple of minutes.
  2. Now press on the Power key to reboot system now. And its start to reboot & will back ON your phone with the LG logo.

And now your LG phone hard reset process is completed. Hopefully all of your problem, like LG pattern lock are unlocked now and your Nexus 5 restored with LG default factory settings as like a new phone.

If you have any kind of tips or tricks for improve Smartphone, basically about LG Smartphone. Please don’t hesitate to share with us; we will post an article favor of you. If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.

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