How To Withdraw Money From Varo Without Card

Varo is among one of the best safe and fast online banking systems. You can withdraw money from your account in several ATMs through a card.

But, if you forget your credit card or step without your card, one question must come to your mind, how to withdraw money from Varo without card? Today, in this article, you will learn several processes on how to do it.

To be honest, there isn’t any direct way to get money out of Varo without a card. But, there are other ways to withdraw through a cardless ATM, transfer the money to your friend’s account and ask him to withdraw for you, transfer to another bank account, or lastly, use through applications, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Most people would suggest the first solution – visiting a cardless ATM, but the issue is, Cardless ATMs aren’t that common as the only starting point of their journey. Moreover, few selected banks offer Cardless ATMs.

Thankfully, Varo recently allowed transactions in cardless ATMs through the mobile app. So, for your question, ‘ Where can i withdraw money from varo card?’ – Cardless ATMs are the best place.

Ways To Withdraw Money From Your Varo Account Without Card

As you know, there are several ways to take out money from your Varo account. The Varo card is the easiest and simplest way to take out money. If you don’t have the card, follow the other ways.

How To Withdraw Money From Varo Without Card

Send Money To Your Bank Account

How to get money out of Varo without card? If you forget to bring your Varo card, that doesn’t mean that your friend also doesn’t have this card with him.

So, just ask your friend if he/she has their card with them, and if it is, send money with a checking account number instantly. Transferring money from one Varo account to another won’t have any fee. And the transactions are instant.

Following the way, you transfer money from one Varo account to another account –

  • Open your Varo app and log in to your account.
  • Hit on the ‘Move Money’ option at the bottom of your mobile screen.
  • Select ‘Varo To Varo Transfer’.
  • Enter the email address of the recipient.
  • Input the amount of money you want to send.
  • Make sure all the details are correct before you make the final transaction.
  • Lastly, Tap on ‘Send Money.

Transfer Money To A Bank Account

You can transfer the money to your bank account and then directly withdraw from your bank account from a physical location or through an ATM.

But, this process isn’t the most recommended way as it takes some time. Anyways, you need to link your bank account to your Varo account before you can transfer money. Here’s how you link your bank account to your Varo account –

  • Tap on the ‘Link an Account’ tab from the bottom of your account.
  • A list of bank accounts will show up; select your external bank icon or search for it if you don’t find it.
  • After you select your bank, enter your ID, password, and ‘Submit’.
  • Follow the prompts, and your account will successfully link.

After linking the accounts, now it’s time to move money to your bank account –

  • Open the Varo App from your mobile phone and tap on ‘Move Money’ from the home screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Transfer Money option. And, select From your Varo bank account and To the account, you want to receive the transfer.
  • Provide any sort of password and complete the transaction.

Varo has a limit on how much you can transfer per day. You can’t transfer more than $5,000 per transfer to your checking or savings account. And, $10,000 is the maximum per month.

Use Varo Through Digital Wallet

How to withdraw money from Varo? You can use Varo though other digital wallet apps, like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Play. Just like the previous method, you will need to link those accounts.

As linking the Wallets are the same, I will show how to link Apple Pay as an example. Following the process, you can add Apple Wallet –

  • Open the Wallet app from your iPhone, and hit the ‘(+) button’.
  • A precaution will show up; tap on Continue, then press on ‘Enter Card Details Manually’.
  • Enter the information of your Varo Card (which you can find from the app), and tap Next.
  • Enter the personal information.

Even if you don’t have your Varo account with you, you can still pay for things through the mobile app. Moreover, you can also get all the card details from the app. So, it is possible to get information like – card number, expiration date, CVV, routing number, and account number.

Besides adding your card to digital wallets, you can also use those details to pay for things online or even in person at some restaurants, cafes, or shops. You can find the details of your card from the ‘Account Details’ option.

Withdraw Money Though Cardless ATM

How to get money out of Varo without card? As I said earlier, withdrawing money through a cardless ATM is the simplest way if you have easy access to a cardless ATM. And, as days go by, the number of cardless ATMs will increase drastically, then, people won’t have the accessibility.

  • Open the Varo app from your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the ‘Move Money tab, and click on it.
  • Tap on the ‘Find ATM’ button.
  • The app will search for the nearest cardless ATM in the location.
  • After you find one, visit the nearest cardless ATM location.
  • Ensure if the ATM supports mobile cash access and select the option if the ATM supports it.
  • Then, open your Varo bank account and select the cardless ATM withdrawal option.
  • Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw.
  • You can scan the QR code or wait for the app to generate a verification code.
  • In the ATM, enter the generated code.
  • Wait for the ATM to count and release your cash.
  • Finish your transaction or perform another transaction.

What Is a Cardless ATM

What Is a Cardless ATM

Cardless ATMs enable you to withdraw money and do other activities without having to swipe or put your debit card into a card reader. Rather than needing a card, these ATMs employ various technology (detailed below) to connect a mobile app on your phone to the ATM. You’ll be able to do business at the ATM as if you’d inserted a card once you’ve completed different security processes.

Cardless ATM access is not a new concept. Bank of America introduced a cardless ATM in 2016, and many other banks, including Chase, Wells Fargo, and BMO Harris, have also enabled cardless access to their ATMs.

How Does Cardless ATMs Work

Cardless ATMs use various technologies to transmit your digital debit card details to the ATM.

Near-Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a short-range communication technology where you transfer data through a radio frequency within a short distance. You may not know, but you are already an NFC technology user, as almost all the tap-to-pay apps use this technology. For example, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or even a few credit cards use these technologies.

All you need to do is – hold your mobile wallet or banking app open in front of the NFC receiver at the cardless ATMs. The machine will make a beep sound when it receives the information, and by providing your password, you will be able to take out money. The cardless ATMs let you feel like you entered your debit card.

App-Generated Codes

QR codes: QR codes are similar to the barcodes you scan through your mobile camera. But, QR codes are more complex than barcodes and carry more information.

The cardless ATMs generate a QR code and display it on the screen. Then, you can scan the code through your Varo app for identity verification. After the identification is verified, you take money out of the ATM.

Verification Code: Verification code works as an extra security layer in online transactions. On your Varo mobile app, you log in and try to make a transaction. The app will generate a unique, one-time code, which you will need to enter into the ATM and your PIN.

The verification code won’t after a transaction is completed and will be expired after 30 minutes if not used.

How do I transfer money from Varo to Cash App without a debit card?

You can directly transfer money from Varo to Cash after you link your Cash App account with the Varo app. First, you will need to link both accounts.

If you don’t have a card, you need to link both accounts through a bank account. But, in this case, it can take up to five days to transfer money from Varo to Cash App. Anyways, following the ways, you can link both accounts without a debit card:

  • Open your Cash App and log in to your bank account.
  • Press on the Bank icon at the bottom of the home. Screen.
  • A banking screen will show up; scroll down to Linked Bank account.
  • Choose Link A Bank and enter your Varo Bank routing and account number.
  • After linking, you can follow the usual method to transfer money from your Varo to Cash App.

Final Verdict

It is possible to withdraw money from Varo without a card. Never the fact, there are several ways to transfer money. The fastest way would be to transfer money to your friend’s Varo account and request him to withdraw it for you.

On the other hand, if you transfer money to another bank account and withdraw it, this process can take up to five business days. That’s the answer to your question – ‘ how to withdraw money from Varo without card’.

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