HTC factory reset or hard reset htc one m8|how to unlock your htc smart phone.

HTC factory reset or hard reset HTC one m8, this is my today’s negotiations. Maybe you can think of, why I discussing or writing about htc one m8, even have so many smart phone in the market. Because HTC one m8 such a smart phone, that you can compare with iPhone 6. And might be your choice will be HTC one m8 instead of iPhone 6. Let’s show you difference between iPhone 6 & HTC one m8.

So let’s get started with the first reason between HTC one m8 & iPhone 6. The first reason is, the HTC one m8 has better battery life compare to iPhone 6. The HTC one m8 have 2600 mAh power battery compare to 1810 mAh power battery on the iPhone 6. Unfortunately both devices have non removable batteries.

And about my experience if I fully charged my both of phone in the morning, I can use my iPhone 6 maybe until 4 pm but the HTC one m8 I can use until evening time. But when both of phones standby, the iPhone 6 doesn’t drink as much battery life as the HTC one m8. Anyway the HTC one m8 overall the better battery life.  The next reason is HTC one m8 have micro SD card slot. So if I run out of internal storage of my HTC one m8, I can easily insert my external SD card into my Phone and I can have few extra Gigabytes of storage. So having SD card is extremely useful because I can store lots of music, video, files, games and many necessary games on it without having worry about running out of internal storage. On the other side, I can’t use or add any external storage into my iPhone 6. So my iPhone 6 have limited storage with only it’s internal flash memory. The next reason is, HTC one m8 have better front facing camera. However the back facing camera on the HTC one m8 non as good as the iPhone 6.

But I have to say the front facing camera on the iPhone 6 is not really good. It has 1.2 megapixels sensor and only shows 720 pixels videos. On the other side HTC one m8 have 5.00 megapixels and can shot 1080 pixels HD videos, and also the lance have very wide angle better than iPhone 6. The next reason is about to take low light videos & images. The HTC one m8 have large picture size of 2 micro meters compare to the 1.5 micro meters on the iPhone 6. I have taken couple of images into low light & you can see the HTC one m8 perform better than the iPhone 6.

Move on to the next reason, this one is very interesting, the HTC one m8 has much better speakers compare to the iPhone 6. You can see the HTC one m8 has front facing speakers, so if you watching videos or playing games, the sound is facing towards you. And on the iPhone 6 speakers at the bottom, so if you watch videos or playing games, the sounds is going downwards or sidewise. And the bomb sounds speakers on the HTC one m8 is much louder, better base and it’s just more clear. Now the next reason has to do with android. As you know android is much more customizable compare to ios. Suppose  if I don’t like the icon design, I can simply install an icon pack, if I want to change overall theme on HTC one m8, I can install custom launcher, I can download different apps to tweak the UI or functionality on my smart phone. So overall as I said android is really customizable. There are too many great features and advantages into the android system compare to iPhone 6 and ios platforms. So of course this is down to your personal preference which one you prefer. The reason about compare resolution of both of smart phone.  The HTC one m8 has better resolution and the screen size is bigger than iPhon 6.

And this two smart phones have very similar screen sizes the HTC one m8 have 5 inch display and the iPhone 6 have   4.7 inch. But the HTC one m8 1080 pixels HD screen 4041 pixels per intensity. And the iPhone 6 about 720 pixels screen. It’s actually 3034 by 750 with 3026 pixels per intensity. So the HTC one m8 has hire resolution to be honest with my eyes it’s not easy to tell difference between this two screen resolution because the all are high resolution screens.

And the last reason is the price, now compare the 16GB each device, the international price of HTC one m8 is $559 and the iPhone6 retails 16GB for $649. So this are $90 difference between this two smart phones. Hopefully my topic of writing will help you to decide which one is best for you.

Anyway come to the point. Why you need to hard reset your HTC one m8, here is couple of simple or critical issues:

  1. If you need to resolve unexpected games or application crash.
  2. Maybe you reset or forgotten screen lock password or pattern lock problem.
  3. You may need to fix hang-up, freezing or your smart phone slow response.
  4. You may need to remove personal data from your smart phone due to sell it to anyone.
  5. Or might you like to restore your HTC one m8 default factory settings.

Before you go for a hard reset HTC one m8, please read this for safety hard reset tips:

## All kind of Music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically due to hard reset your smart phone.

## Your contact list, call or im chat or SMS will be erase from your smart phone.

## That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone before.

## So I suggest you, before hard reset your HTC desire 626, please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important thing.

In order to factory reset HTC one m8 model. At first it’s necessary to turn fast boot. Here are the following steps for HTC factory reset or hard reset HTC one m8.

wipe data-factory reset


  1. As I said at first you have to turn off the fast boot option. To do so at first please go to settings > then power > then uncheck the fast boot option at bottom of the settings screen.
  2. Now turn off your HTC one m8.
  3. Wait for 5-10 seconds and the press the POWER & VOLUME DOWN button at the same time until the recovery screen appear to you on the screen.
  4. Use the volume down button to select FACTORY RESET from that couple of recovery option.
  5. And then confirm with the power button.
  6. Please allow couple of second or a minute until your HTC one m8 restored to default factory settings.

Your smart phone will remove all of your data due to hard reset your device and will restore all factory default setting itself. Congratulations hard reset for your HTC one m8 has been completed.

If you have any kind of tips or tricks for improve your smart phone, basically HTC one m8. Please don’t hesitate to share with us; we will post an article favor of you. If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.

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