LG V10 5 Common Problem and Properly Solution

The lg v10 is relay great smartphone. But its like any other device face some problems.  These range from irritating niggles to day destroying obstructions.. Don’t despair though , its  very easily fixed  this problem.  We are in  here discus  5 problem lg v10 and how to fix it.

LG V10 problem and solution

LG V10 5 Common Problem and Properly Solution

LG Battery problems and find bad apps

As a rule exorbitant battery deplete isn’t your blame: it’s frequently the consequence of an application utilizing more power than it should. Fortunately there’s a simple approach to discover such applications, and that is to go into Settings > Device > Battery.

That demonstrates to you which applications and administrations are utilizing the most battery control. On the off chance that an application is utilizing more power than the show at that point that is a quite enormous insight that you have a rebel application. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application regularly tackles the issue, which is frequently the aftereffect of a bug, yet in the event that the issue repeats it merits giving the application the boot for all time.

LG V10 problem and solutionThere are two different things to attempt when battery life isn’t in the same class as you’d like. In the first place, go into Settings > Networks > Mobile Data and after that tap the Menu symbol. Here you’ll discover a choice to limit foundation information. Choosing this keeps applications from getting information out of sight, which is helpful to decrease battery deplete – if an application’s adjusting, it’s utilizing power – and furthermore valuable in case you’re on a metered information association.

It’s likewise worth looking in Settings > General > Accounts and Sync to check whether any applications are set to match up naturally. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with them to do as such, prevent them from matching up.

LG V10 : Screen flickering

Quite a few users have found their device displays to flicker intermittently while using the phone. The screen will dim, like just before it turns off, and then brighten once again.

LG V10 problem and solutionsolution

Oddly enough, some users have found the Paypal application to be causing this problem. If you have the Paypal app installed, remove it to see if the problem goes away. Hopefully, a future update of the app will address this issue, and you can install it once again at that time.

If you find the Paypal app to not be at fault, another rogue application may be the cause of concern. Boot the device into Safe Mode (you can find the instructions on how to do so below) and see if this issue occurs. If it doesn’t, a recently installed third party application is the problem. Uninstall any apps that were installed just before the issue showed up, and see if that fixes it.

LG V10:  Wi-Fi can’t connect

There are a few potential issues on the off chance that you can’t interface with Wi-Fi on your LG V10. One is a known bug, which expelling the microSD card, restarting the gadget and after that reconnecting fathoms, in spite of the fact that it won’t leave for good until the point that the Android Marshmallow refresh ships.


The more probable guilty party is the scandalous Wi-Fi issue that appears to influence each Android gadget, where you all of a sudden can’t associate with most loved systems. Much of the time the guilty party for that one is your switch and a reboot fixes it; if that doesn’t work, have a go at restarting your gadget. Still no bliss? Disregard the system in Settings and take a stab at including it starting with no outside help.

Screen not waking after calls

Many user have discovered the gadget show to stay killed after a call, making it hard to end a call, or access whatever else on the telephone while on a call.


This is by all accounts an issue with the vicinity sensor, and is for the most part looked by clients that utilization nonexclusive screen protects, particularly of the treated glass assortment. Screen monitors made particularly for the LG V10 accompany a L formed cut at the best that keep the nearness sensor revealed, and utilizing this stays away from the issue.

You can likewise check if there is an issue with the vicinity sensor itself. Download an application like Aida64 from the Google Play Store. Go to the Sensors area and search for the Proximity sensor. Hold your hand over the sensor, and the esteem should switch between 5 cm and 0 cm for far and close separately.

A maverick application may likewise be the reason for concern. Boot the gadget into Safe Mode and check whether the issue continues. On the off chance that it doesn’t, uninstall any applications that you may have downloaded before the issue began, and check whether that fixes it.

LG V10: how to hard reset and soft reset 

Hard reset

Turn the phone off .

Press and hold the power button and the volume down at one time. When the come Lg logo is screen,  press only power bottom. Then instantly press the power bottom again, and wait till the factory reset  menu come up.

Press the power button  to continue, the volume key to cancel.

Soft reset

When the screen is not reactionary, press and hold on the power button for 12 seconds,  till the device restart .

You can also pull the battery to  shut down the device.

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