Top 12 Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines In 2023

Shopping from online platforms is now more obvious than before since the world is hit by a pandemic. Taking care of the whereabouts of a household and purchasing any desired large product seems pretty much impossible in this financial fall down. Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines may help you go for these purchases in the form of the buy now pay later option.

Credit Lines is one type of loan which is usable during needs by the credit card, and you can repay the amount when you have adequate money.

It is actually the card’s usable amount, which is allowed in legal ways. Not all credit card providers have credit line features, and the credit line attributes of credit card providers also vary.

Credit line for online shopping is one of the most crucial factors, and the credit line of credit cards also differ from person to person, depending on this total card balance.

Several credit building cards and shopping sites that give you credit may have restricted credit lines for the users with lousy credit for its improvement. In such cases, online stores with credit lines may be helpful.

At A Glance Top 12 Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

1. Fingerhut
2. LeaseVille
3. FlexShopper
4. Monroe and Main
5. Midnight Velvet
6. Stoneberry
7. Ashro
8. HSN(Home Shopping Network)
9. Massey’s
10. Lend You
11. PayPal Credit
12. Split It

Recommended 3 Best Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Amongst several online credit shopping sites and stores, we have picked possibly the best of the best three online credit shopping websites or platforms. Give a glimpse to find out why these are the best.

NameKey Takeaways
1. FingerhutOne of the top choices with both online & in-store purchases options and avails free catalog every two months(Credit Limit- $300 to $3500)
2. LeaseVilleOffers a comprehensive range of high-quality products without any credit check requirements(Credit Limit- up to $3500).
3.FlexShopperBuy Now Pay Later option with 85000+ products, adds free catalog, and responses applications within 24 hours(Credit Limit- up to $2500)

Buy Now Pay Later Option Of Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

You may be thinking about why people should not pay merely with a credit card and why this credit line term is so necessary to comprehend. Let’s explain this term in detail!

During online product purchases, they allow paying the amount through cash or credit cards. But platforms that receive payments through credit lines are pretty much useful. Because these credit line online shopping sites don’t require you to pay in full through cards during purchase.

Initially, you can purchase the items you want with your remaining credit and choose to gradually pay the balance. Most times, online credit line shopping websites don’t require you to undergo any credit checks. Thus, your credit score won’t be affected, and it also doesn’t matter if you have an improvised credit score.

These online shopping credit line websites have affordable payment options for even large product purchases. Therefore, you can easily purchase your desired products from these credit shopping websites. Making purchases without these credit line platforms may seem complicated because of the payable up-fronts amount.

Top 12 Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines 2023

Picking the best online shopping sites with credit cards is not easy since there are plenty of websites that offer the same service. In this case, one may need to research deeply and comprehend the overall services, terms, and policies of each provider to determine which one is the best.

However, you don’t need to break a sweat to find out the best site regarding online shopping with credit line. Our expert team researched thoroughly and consisted a list of the top ten online shopping sites that accept credit line benefits for the users to purchase quality products. Let’s discuss them in brief detail!

1. Fingerhut


Fingerhut was a mail-order company founded in 1948, but now it has repositioned its business and turned into one of the best catalog retailers online.

They sell a wide section of products from bedding & offices to health & beauty items. You can shop with Fingerhut and get the credit you deserve. They also allow taking instant decisions.


  • You can shop with low monthly credits
  • They offer a wide range of products from top brands that fit the needs of each users,
  • Has both online & in-store purchases options and avails free catalog every two months
  • Adds a credit line increase after you have paid three payments on-time
  • Charges no hidden fees and requires just a 30 dollar down payment which is taken off from your purchase price
  • The reports your credit history to all the three major credit bureaus
  • Charges up to 29.99 percent non-variable APRs and the last due date is minimum 24 days after the purchase
  • Takes no interest if full payments are made within the due date each month

Fingerhut has two credit options to suit the customers with suitable credit. Fingerhut Advantage is a traditional credit account that allows you to shop up to your credit limit whenever you like.

Fingerhut FreshStart is a credit account program designed to help people starting out or starting over. It is another step to a traditional credit account with a one-time purchase program.

Apply now to Fingerhut credit line shopping plans and receive your offer. Besides, you can shop with low monthly payments and build new credit history.

If you are a user of the Fingerhut FreshStart account and have completed the program successfully, you can get a 30 dollars increment on your credit FICO score typically.

For the WebBank issued Fingerhut Advantage credit accounts, on orders over 100 dollars or more, they offer free shipping and a 30 dollars discount from the initial product price. For returned payment fees or any late payments, they charge up to 40 dollars as a penalty. The interest charge will be no less than 1 dollar.

2. LeaseVille

LeaseVille - Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

LeaseVille is an accredited business store that has got an A+ rating on the BBB ratings. They come with a wide category of product segments with more than 85 thousand tools, goods, and accessories.

It is one of the leading and trusted online shopping sites with credit lines which provides up to 3500 dollars spending limit if you are an approved applicant.


  • Offers a wide variety of products with multiple sections from Electronics & smartphones to health & fitness
  • Provide the top selling brands at the most competitive lease to own prices across the industry
  • Provides a sweeping range of high-quality products without any credit check requirements
  • Approves quickly and allows users to take instant decisions and improve credit score
  • Purchase products with rent to own by making your 26 bi-weekly rental payments (12 months)

They have to buy now or lease now pay later options, which works without any limits and obligations. LeaseVille has three flexible rent-to-own or product shopping options to choose from.

A category plan has Pay as you go with periodic lease payments and own it in 12 months. Their B category offers early buyout options, which can save you up to 50 percent.

A return label is issued to you within 1-3 business days of a return request and expires after 10 days. You can cancel your order anytime before the shipment of your order.

If your order is canceled prior to the shipment, you will receive a full refund for your rental payment. With their early buyout option, purchase any products with the same as the cash within 100 days.

3. FlexShopper


FlexShopper has a flexible lease-to-own program that offers users to purchase large products without impacting on their regular lifestyle expenses. They offer up to 2500 dollars spending limit for the approved participants.

You can make instant decisions and they have easy weekly & monthly payment options available. Moreover, you can apply for their lease to own a program without any charges.


  • No need to have good credit – Approves anyone with bad credit scores/histories
  • Pick multiple products from different categories within your spending limit of up to 2500 dollars
  • Pay your full purchase payments with a flexible term of up to 52 weeks with FlexWallet
  • You can get up to 20 dollars bonus on purchases if you refer new users with approbation
  • Shop a large selection of lease-to-own products including TVs, cell phones, gaming, fitness, outdoor equipment, and more!
  • Deduct the first weekly payment from your account after your product is delivered
  • Charges no hidden fees, and don’t impact on your FICO score if you complete the lease payments within the due dates

Thus, you don’t require to smash your bank to buy any dream products. The leasing program from FlexShopper includes top product categories from leading brands and famous online stores.

You can shop from more than 100000 products including top-quality electronics, appliances, furniture, and household items. Besides, you can get fast home delivery or curbside pickup.

Before applying, you need to be at least 18 years old( you need to be 19 if you live in Alabama and Nebraska, and 21 in Minnesota). You need to have a current and permanent source of income.

Besides, you need to hold a valid banking account, a valid SSN or ITIN, phone number, and address. The spending limitation is the Total Currency value of the goods you can lease, which can be up to 2500 dollars.

4. Monroe and Main

Monroe and Main - Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Focused especially on the commendable products for men’s and women’s wear, Monroe and Main are great online sites with credit lines. They offer online and in-store purchase options with a decent credit line.

After proper application approval, you can get your confirmation and start shopping within the next day. They will also provide a Monroe And Main credit card for the royalty of the users.


  • Offers buy now pay later or leasing options from a wide section of products regardless of the credit histories
  • Pay lease or purchase payments in flexible monthly or weekly payments as low as just 20 dollars
  • Needs NO big-bank hassles or annual fees, get quick approvals
  • Earn higher limits, improve your credit score with on-time payments
  • They report your credit history to all the three major credit bureaus
  • Play It safely and save your major credit cards for unplanned expenses.

With Monroe and Main credit cards, you can go for any online programs and get extra beneficiaries. In most programs, they approve a participant within 24 hours.

However, they have mentioned a prerequisite credit check for approvals, but they haven’t set any minimum credit limits or scores. When you proceed to purchase any goods, you need to keep in mind the penalty fees and APRs.

Monroe and Main credit cards come with adequate security and protection features that will save your credit on unwanted purchases. They offer great credit card expertise and help users to construct their credit scores.

Even if you are performing on reconstructing your credits, you can still qualify for their credit cards to build credit for 18 year olds. If you have more questions or inquiries, visit the FAQ section of Monroe and Main.

5. Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet - Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

If you are looking for online sites with credit lines regarding quick approval rates, then Midnight Velvet will stand forth. They offer the best collection of the latest fashion trend items.

Moreover, Midnight Velvet has an easy sign-in process which includes one of the best credit approval rates on online shopping platforms.


  • Offers buy now pay later or lease plans with low payment options of just 20 to 30 dollars
  • They have flexible down-payment options for rebuilding credit scores
  • Provides secure checkout and account management online or by phone
  • Increase your credit score as they report the payments and updates all the three major credit bureaus
  • Quickly approves each user without big-bank hassles or any hidden fees

It is also a great choice for fashion fanatics as their go-to site is packed with modern clothes, jewelry & shoes.

Initially, after logging in, you can purchase from their online site or get a physical catalog by asking. They are one of the few online shopping sites with credit lines that don’t demand a credit check for approval or functionality.

However, you need to comprehend the payment terms and policies, since their interest rates and APRs may affect your credits if you don’t pay your lease on time before due dates.

With Midnight Velvet credit cards you can apply more easily and make a quick decision by asking a few quick questions. They mainly add products on specialized jewelry, clothes, and other feminine accessories.

6. Stoneberry

Stoneberry - Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Looking for an online shopping site with credit lines that comes with the lowest payment options with flexible terms? If so, then you can trust Stoneberry, as they have the lowest payment option of just 5.99 dollars per month for large purchases.

The buy now pay later plan of Stoneberry includes more benefits and premium privileges for the approved members and cardholders.

You can easily get pre-qualified today instantly after applying and shop with confidence with the Stoneberry credit card.


  • Charges no monthly or annual maintenance fees, no transfer fees, no and application fees for the members and cardholders
  • Comes with the lowest monthly payments of just 5.99 dollars on the eligible products purchases
  • Includes a wide section of quality products from leading & top brands like Massey’s, K.Jordan, Fifth & glam, etc.
  • Adds a great customer service which is available 24/7 with the helping hand
  • Shop from more than 60000 products online or in-store retail shops
  • They have three flexible and comprehensive payment options to choose from

With the buy now pay later option you don’t need to pay yearly membership fees or maintenance fees. You can pay the whole price with physical stores or they have online payment options which also require no extra charges for each transfer

You can make your expenditure online by employing your debit or credit card by simply logging in to your Stoneberry account. Besides, you can Mail your pay when you obtain your monthly billing report.

Otherwise, you can call their customer support at 1-800-704-5480. For credit score improvement you need to pay the installments on time within the due dates.

7. Ashro


Ahro is also one of the renowned online shopping sites with credit lines that comes with low monthly installment options for as low as just 20 dollars.

With the Ashro provide rewards credit cards with no annual fee, you can switch to their buy now pay later option conveniently. However, the monthly installment amount will be determined based on the application method of the users and their credit scores.

You can say that Ashro is also pretty much identical to Midnight Velvet in terms of the payment options and conditions.


  • Buy Now Pay Later option is available with more than 85000 products
  • Get responses to your applications within 24 hours and take a quick decision
  • You can add a free catalog each week when new arrivals are launched on the marketplace.
  • They don’t require any specific credit score for credit checking, and they approve users regardless of the credits
  • Comes with friendly, safe, stress-free account management through the credit card or mobile application

The approval or response time to the application from Ashro are pretty quick, and you can make fast decisions through weekly & monthly payments. To get more benefits from the buy now pay later option of Ashro, you can get the Ashro credit cards.

After signing into their website, you can get the catalog online or, you can download it into a hardcopy. If you buy up to 100 dollars, you need to pay installments as low as 20 dollars.

For 200 dollars and 400 dollars, you may require to pay up to 25 dollars and 30 dollars. If you have more questions or inquiries, visit the FAQ section of Ashro.

8. HSN(Home Shopping Network)

HSN(Home Shopping Network) - Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Online shopping sites with credit lines don’t usually offer product returning policies for leased items. But the Home Shopping Network or HSN is an excellent online shopping platform that allows you to effortlessly exchange or return any purchased products if you’re unsatisfied with the product quality.

You can grab a $10 discount on opening an account with an HSN card and paying bills with it.


  • Get special deals from time to time and purchase from a wide range of brand items
  • Shop with freedom through their credit cards which require no annual maintenance fee\
  • Charges 1 dollar as interest fees if the payments are not paid within the due date/on-time
  • With FlexPay, you can return most of your bought items within 30 days
  • Includes a wide selection of products from brands like Amazon, Ninja, Dyson, BOSE, Microsoft, Fitbit, etc.

Getting approved for the HSN can be pretty much tricky since their approval rate is not as high compared to other online shopping sites with credit lines for bad credit.

You can just wait for the approval after applying in a proper way. If you get approved for HSN shopping site, you can purchase or lease favorite products on their sites without any fees. Besides they offer special deals for their approved members.

With HSN cards, your leasing programs on the Home Shopping Network will become more hassle-free and convenient. If you sign up for the Home Shopping Network, you can get up to 15% off on the purchases after getting the approval.

looking for more info about HSN? Check out the FAQs of Home Shopping Network. If you wish to shop with your credit line, we prefer The Home Shopping Network.

9. Massey’s

Massey’s is one of the most famous online shopping sites with credit lines that allow users to pay the first payment even after one month of the order.

Application of all the members or users is pretty much straightforward and all applying processes are instantly approved if the participants have the eligibility requirements.

It is also a great choice for fashion fanatics as its go-to site is packed with modern shoes, clothes, and jewelry. The buy now pay later program from Masseys includes top product categories from leading brands and famous online stores. If you get pre-qualified for their shopping with credit line offers, you can get more than a 25% discount initially, or you can grab up to 100 dollars off.


  • Shop from more than 60000 products of quality brands like Stoneberry, K.Jordan, Fifth & glam, etc.
  • They have three flexible and comprehensive payment options to choose from
  • Charges no monthly or annual maintenance fees, no transfer fees, no application fees for the members and cardholders
  • Adds a great customer service which is available 24/7 with the helping hand
  • With the buy now pay later option you don’t need to pay yearly membership fees or maintenance fees.

For credit score improvement you need to pay the installments on time within the due dates. Just get the Masseys credit card and you can grab more privileges.

You can complete your payment online employing your debit or credit card by simply logging in to your Stoneberry account. You can Mail your pay when you obtain your monthly billing report or call their customer support at 1-800-704-5480.

10. Lend You

Lend You

Lend You is a platform of lenders that offers flexible lending options for users with credit lines or who have an impoverished credit score. With this platform, you can connect to reliable and actual lenders easily.

It works in a pretty simple way and they come with two different ways of loan programs. You can get the lending services in PayDay Loan, and Installment Loans.


  • Submitting cash from for loan is pretty much quicker and takes just a few minutes
  • Funds are deposited directly to your bank account as shortly as the next business day
  • Certified lender associates are keen to support with loans up to 2,500 dollars for each user account
  • Get the services 24 hours from anywhere, use your computer or mobile device to get started now
  • They go the extra mile to keep users’ information secure and protected.

Lend you offers leasing or lending programs in a slightly different way than the aforementioned providers or online sites. Where other online sites provide you with flexible payment options for purchasing products with credit lines, they connect you with real-time lenders who will provide the purchasing amount you need to buy a product.

Participants who are with qualifying conditions can get instant approval from this site. This means you can get a quick decision after submitting your form.

You need to be at least 18 years older and hold a valid checking or savings account with direct deposit for availing of this service. Besides, your minimum regular income per month needs to be at least 1000 dollars.

11. PayPal Credit

Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines - PayPal Credit

Paypal is one of the most prominent online payment and money management platforms which also offers credit lines during purchases.

The reusable credit lines service from PayPal credit is also accepted anywhere and you can also enjoy special financing on purchasing a set amount of credits. They also add a buy now overtime payment services for Travels, Shoppings, Dining, Vehicles Servicing, etc.

Getting quick access to convenient credits now requires no harassing procedures with PayPal. With PayPal credit, you can make purchases with your credit lines from well-known shopping platforms like WayFair, Target, Best Buy, what, etc. They offer easy terms and flexible payment options which is everything you will love about PayPal Credit services.


  • Get a Credit Decision In Seconds- they will ask you a few questions and you’ll know within seconds if you’re approved.
  • No Annual Fee- No need to worry about the fees since they offer to buy now pay later year-round services without any annual charges.
  • PayPal Credit is automatically added to your account with PayPal, and the cardmembers can access everything with a few clicks
  • If your purchase doesn’t match the exact description or doesn’t arrive at all, PayPal can refund the full purchase price plus original shipping costs.
  • Check out your card credits and other details with no number or expiration dates simply from the PayPal app

During application, you just need to fill out a quick application and you can get a credit decision in seconds. If you get approved, you can shop instantly with PayPal Credit right from your account with PayPal. If you have a current PayPal Credit account that is not linked to an account with PayPal, you need to link your accounts to enjoy all the benefits of PayPal.

12. Split It


Split It is a smart choice, and it is one of the newest online shopping sites with credit lines, which is stepping forward with a completely new way to pay.

They also offer to buy now pay later services like other shopping sites, but it is somewhat different and unique than others. You don’t even have to pay any fees, submit applications, or go under hard credit checks.

If you are one who doesn’t want to take a new loan but want to have full control of the monthly cash flows, then you can go for a smart move with Split It.

Instead of doing sneaky credit checks and charging hidden fees, Split allows making monthly payments on the credit you already have at your own pace. Responsible credit users will always prefer to buy now pay later options from Split It.


  • They allow you to pay for your purchase over time before accruing any interest.
  • Split It works using your existing credit cards, so there’s no need to create another account.
  • No credit checks, all you need is the available current balance and credit status of your credit card
  • Provides loans and buy now pay later services with 0% interest rates, and also charges no late fees
  • Pay right on your credit card just by entering your credit card details with no applications or credit checks needed.

With Split It services, you can choose the number of monthly installments of your own and they will show you upright on your credit card statement. Where conventional buy now pay later programs to take away your adorable credits, Split It allows keeping all your points. You’ll get all the facilities of paying with your card, rewards, transaction insurance, and protection against fraudulent actions.

FAQ About Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Which are the best buy now pay later sites?

To name some of the best buy now pay later sites, are- Affirm, AfterPay, PayPal, QuadPay, Sezzle, etc.

How much credit score is needed to get online sites like Amazon?

You may need to hold a good credit score to get approved for these credit cards, which means you may need to have a credit score of more than 600.

What are the stores that approve instant credit?

Kohl’s Credit card, Amazon Prime Credit Card, Fingerhut Cards, Target, Best Buy Store Card, etc. are the best platforms or cards which offer instant credit approval.

Is it allowed to get instant money online?

You can apply for a quick lender loan online which may allow you to get money from an online site within a few days. However, some providers also deliver the money within the same day of applying.

Which providers are best for instant payday loans?

If you are searching for sites that offer instant payday loans, you can rely on Money Mutual, Lend You, and Cash USA.

Final Verdict

Regardless of the credit scores, anyone can shop from these ten best online shopping sites with credit lines we have mentioned earlier. However, before heading to any of the online stores, you need to consider a few factors.

Check out the payment method, credit lines, Spending limit, Annual Percentage Rates, Interest Rates, Penalty fees, and lastly the customer service for the providers prior to taking final action.

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