How To Get Rent To Own Laptops No Credit Check Required

You can’t think of a world without a laptop. A laptop can give you many job opportunities, advanced education, and so on. But, these gadgets aren’t cheap. Here is how to get rent to own laptops no credit check is required.

You can easily get a laptop on installment if you don’t have cash on hand. For that, you require a good credit score. If you don’t have a good credit score, your scope narrows down by a great margin. But, still, several companies offer rent to own laptops with no credit check.

Following you will know the providers offering rent to own laptops no credit check and what are alternative options if you still don’t get one.

10 (Provider) Rent To Own Laptops No Credit Check

1. RentDelite

Rent To Own Laptops No Credit Check - RentDelite

RentDelite is a rent-to-own online store that offers the latest electronics, computers, furniture, appliances, etc. on laptops with no credit checks.

Different from other similar online stores, this shop doesn’t charge interest or have any hidden fees for purchasing something online. All you need to do is make the monthly payments on time.

You also don’t need to sign any long-term contract. Any item you purchase in installment needs to pay the full price in one year.

And, if you pay the full price before time, you will get a considerable discount. There are 3 basic options you can take for the agreement –

  • If you keep the product for one full year, the product is yours without any additional cost.
  • If you pay off your balance earlier, you get a rebate, which varies from product to product.
  • You can return a product at any time after the initial first month’s payment.

They provide a rent-to-own option to people with bad credit. So, you can get rent to own gaming laptops no credit check from RentDelite.

Without a few cases, the store will approve anyone. And the approval process is quick; it only takes a few minutes to know if you qualify for the product.

2. Rent-2-Own

Rent -2 -own

R2O has been on the market for several decades, providing installment options for people with bad credit.

They offer a vast selection of options, including electronics, phones, computers, TVs, furniture, appliances, and many more.

They sell products from well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, etc.

This online shop is one of the best places for rent to own with no credit check. Moreover, it won’t check your credit score and give approval within a few minutes.

Then, you get the item and pay for it in monthly or weekly payments without any extra fees. Its terms are flexible, and as soon as you complete the full payment, the laptop is yours.

The application process is also simple. You need a credit card, debit card, checking card, a valid id card, and documents to prove your income to get approval. Remember, if your monthly income isn’t a few times the monthly payments, you won’t get the approval.

3. Luther Sales

Rent To Own Laptops No Credit Check - Luthersales

Luther Sales is one of the old and trustworthy stores. They both have online and offline stores. They have a program, ‘Notebook Computer Financing’, which lets you rent a laptop and pay monthly until you own it, and your credit score doesn’t matter.

Luther Sales offers the top brand product on their websites. So, you can find the best laptop payment plan no credit check providers, including Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and Hp.

The payment plans are flexible, and you can adjust them depending on your interest. There will be a small interest with each monthly or weekly payment. A large deposit can decrease the interest rate and payments.

To get gaming pc financing no credit check on Luther Sell, first, you need to open an account on Luther Sales Online. Then, choose the Buy Now Pay Later option from the laptops category. This will lead you to laptops that are currently on installment.

4. Amazon


Amazon is known in the whole world as the biggest online store. You can find anything from electronics to fashion, kitchenware, furniture, and so on.

This online store allows its customers to rent a laptop and pay installments until they own it. And, they won’t look at your past mistakes.

There is no interest included in plans within 12 months, so if you pay the full price of the installment within twelve months, there won’t be any interest. After that, you will need to pay interest, which will be charged from your account.

The product you want to buy has to be totaling $599 or more. After you select the laptop, you want to buy from the check, select the buy and pay later option.

If you don’t see the Buy now and pay later option, that means you’ll need to have an Amazon gift card. Apply for the store card here.

5. FlexShopper


FlexShopper offers rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment installments on different types of products, including tablets, phones, computers, and laptops. So, you can also get a laptop from them without any credit check.

Applying for an installment plan is similar like BestBuy. The online store also has a shopping assistant, which will lead you through the shopping process.

The company offers up to $2,500 installments. As you log in to your account, with the help of personal assistance, you will be able to find the laptop you want. If you find a suitable laptop for yourself, select the buy now pay later desktop computers option from the checking out option.

6. SmartPay

Rent To Own Laptops No Credit Check - Smartpay

SmartPay is another great place for laptop financing with no credit check. You can get the laptops to rent with no credit checks
today and pay for it over time.

The monthly payments are decided based on your payment history and other factors.

Although the company will check your credit score depending on the information you provided on the application form, there isn’t any minimum credit score requirement.

The eligible customers can choose from their thousands of products. After checking out a product, you can take it without paying anything and pay the full price over time. The company offers various plans. And depending on the plan, you may need to pay a down payment.

To purchase a laptop on installment from SmartPay, you need to start by applying online. After getting approval, you can purchase items within the lease amount you approved for.

The number of payments for plans is fixed, and those vary from depending on term length and payment frequency.

Like all the rent-to-own stores, if your income isn’t several times higher than the monthly income, they won’t give your approval.

When you are apply, you need to provide proof of income. You can apply directly from their website; you will also get all the necessary information.

7. Best Buy


Best Buy is another popular online and offline store that a bank established. Similar to other popular stores, Best Buy also offers its Buy now pay later program.

You can get a laptop with this program. You won’t be required to provide any credit details as it doesn’t check credit scores.

You will need the ‘My Best Buy Credit Card’ to get anything from Best Buy. With it, you will be able to take advantage of various deferred interest financing offers.

There are also different and flexible financing plans from BestBuy. You can thoroughly apply for the Best Buy credit card within a few minutes. The flexible plans start with a standard of 12 months.

The company provides a lease to own laptop no credit check, and within 13 months, you can buy the item.

Alternative Of Rent To Own Laptops No Credit Check Require

Although there is a huge chance you can get a laptop from the providers mentioned above, there isn’t any guarantee. So, I would like to tell you the alternative options too. And in this way, you have a better payment plan than taking an installment from providers.

What I recommend is getting a personal loan. From the option below, you can quickly get a $500 – $1000 loan at a 7% interest rate, which can be much cheaper if you rent from a provider’s website. Here’s the website I recommend –

8. MoneyMutual


MoneyMutual is an online lending marketplace. Both lenders and borrowers gather in this place. The website aims to get its customers short-term loan options. You can get a loan even if you have bad credit.

But, there isn’t any guarantee you are going to get a loan. It depends on the lender whether they approve you for a loan. Moreover, the interest rate and terms are also not fixed.

Depending on the lenders, interest rates or terms vary a lot. Your credit score plays a great role in deciding the interest rate.

You can get up to a $5000 short-term loan from the website. The application process takes less than five minutes. And, you will get a decision in a few hours.

If a lender approves your application and is ready to lend you money, the funds will transfer to your bank account within 24 hours.


CashUSA is an online marketplace for borrowers. The platform offers various kinds of loans, including payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit, depending on the state you are residing in.

You can get a personal loan from CashUSA from $500 to $10,000. So, with a loan, you can easily purchase a brand new iPhone. Interest rates in this lenders’ network range from 5.99 to 35.99%. And the loan terms can vary from 90 days to 72 months.

To purchase an iPhone, you just need a small amount. And, for a small amount, lenders usually charge lower interest rates.

For under $1000 loans, 7.9% APR for 2 years is pretty popular on the site. This rate is much lesser than what most rent-to-own stores charges.


CreditLoan aims to help people with bad credit get personal loans. It offers short-term loans from $250 to $5000.

With more than one million customers, they are one of the most trusted loan providers online.

APR rates vary depending on various factors. Although your credit score isn’t necessary for deciding on loan approval, it impacts your APR rates. Also, your monthly income greatly impacts deciding on the interest rate.

If you get approval for the loan, the money will be directly sent to your bank account within one business day. Then, you can purchase an iPhone directly from an online store.

How To Finance A Laptop With Bad Credit?

You can get laptop finance even if you have a bad credit score. As you require less money, there aren’t many restrictions like home mortgages or bad credit car loans.

But, you will be required to pay a high-interest rate compared to one that has a good APR. So, if your credit score is relatively low, it is recommended not to take large loans. Here’s an estimated interest rate for different credit scores.

Credit Score   FICO ScoreEstimated APR
Bad300 – 57928% – 32%
Fair580 – 66917% – 19%
Good670 – 75913% – 15%
Excellent760 – 85010% – 12%

How to buy a laptop on a payment plan? Financing expenses for someone with a bad credit history might be substantial, so consider if it’s worth it to pay those extra fees before committing to a loan. A credit check and the financing charges are generally justified if it helps you obtain jobs and maybe work from home.

And, as we’ve demonstrated, if you have a poor credit score, a personal loan isn’t your sole choice for making regular payments.

You may also enter into a lease signing agreement that lets you lease a laptop for a few months before deciding whether to exercise choice to buy it early or make timely payments until you own it.

Where can I get a laptop and pay monthly?

There are several places where you can get a laptop and pay monthly. Above I mentioned a few places offering laptop financing and don’t prioritize credit scores. But, I would recommend choosing marketplaces like Amazon, BestBuy, or so on first.

Because that marketplace won’t charge large interest rates, some even have interest-free options. On the other hand, if you go for personal loans, the interest rate can go up to 39.99% depending on your credit score and lending amount.

Where can I get a laptop on payments? Anyways, if you don’t have any other options, you have to go with the option. Also, some brands (Apple, HP, Dell) have their own ‘Buy Now Pay Later option.

You can also take advantage of them. But, remember, they have limited stocks. So, mostly this option will not be available.

Can you rent to own with no credit?

Yes, you can rent to own with no credit. Several retailers offer rent to own option, where you can rent a laptop on monthly payments and own it when you fully pay the price over time.

With a downpayment, you own the laptop and pay the total price to the retailers through monthly payments. Of course, you will be charged a little extra as interest.

The interest depends on various factors, like the retailer, your credit score, the product’s price, and the period of an installment plan.

As I said, various retailers offer laptops in installments. You can get installment loans from popular marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and BestBuy. Also, brands offer laptops on installment.

Final Verdict

Unlike Home Mortgage or car loan, Laptop financing isn’t so complicated for people with low credit. And some retailers and marketplaces offer rent to own laptops no credit check.

Moreover, if you cannot get an installment, you can take a small personal loan from different lender networks at a slightly higher interest rate. There are also options like lease programs and a retailer’s credit programs.

So, you will be able to purchase a laptop in installments easily. Anyways, just be aware of the interest rates and terms. In some places, you may end up paying a double price. That’s how you can lease to own a laptop with no credit check.

Overspending is one of the biggest drawbacks to using BNPL plans. Among consumers who use point-of-sale installment loans, the average balance owed is $883.

Fifty-seven percent of shoppers who use BNPL say they’ve regretted making a purchase because the item was too expensive.1 So although these services can offer convenience, there’s a price to pay for shoppers who end up overspending.

Buy now, pay later can also be problematic if the buyer can’t keep up with the payments. The platforms that offer these loans can charge late fees for missed payments.

In a worst-case scenario, they may report borrowers to the credit bureaus, which can cause credit score damage.

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