Reset HTC One m10 | Why you need to hard reset HTC One m10

Reset HTC One M10. Why you need to hard reset HTC One M10. Maybe you reset or forgotten screen lock password or pattern lock problem. Maybe need to fix hang-up, freezing or your smart phone slow response. Follow couple of easy steps to reset HTC One M10 via yourself. Before I write about it, please have a look after the HTC One M10 awesome features and performance.

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Reset HTC One m10
Reset HTC One M10

I am gonna be arguing that the HTC One M10 is going to be the best phone of 2016. A reminder these my own opinions and everyone is subject to their own space here is why I think this. First of all the HTC one phones run on sense why it is a very very snappy. If you think but even the HTC one m7, iPhone using a 10 HP display and Snapdragon 600 processor it was really really fast even though it’s components one really a match for screen. It just feels when using eighty fans are they boiled it down to the basics. HTC Sense is all about speed fluidity and slickness and you really do feel that yes it’s simple but it’s clean. And it works very very fast, if you compare it to something like touch wiz over LG has G3, G4. It just feels like HTC is really taking the right direction have, then we moved to the cameras. Now this line offense has always had a pretty revolutionary camera setup, the 1m7 was the first to post in ultra pixel setup and we’ll probably wasn’t the best camera on the market was very very innovative & in some ways it did add to the experience. And then the m8 was one of my best camera fans called last year which although it did definitely lacks in detail with a 4 megapixel sensor into kept a great shots and the focus was very unique. When in a totally different direction and sticky 20.7 megapixel shooter on that.  Very unique in their own way but I’m sure there now HTC has finally found its footing with the cameras, it’s going to make leaps and bounds with the HTC One M10. As it finally realizes that consumers really do want a good camera.  And then the speakers, there is still noting like it. The HTC one m7 was a huge step above the HTC One X, and the one m9 slightly small step about the One m8, but added 5.1 virtual surround which is also very impressive. I hope the HTC one M10 expand to speak system makes even louder and even base and we’re gonna have killer speaker set on hands and then we come onto the battery and I think we can safely expect the HTC One M10 have about 3000 million per h spit compared to say the Galaxy Note series that sound rather small but HTC is really Good optimizing the battery life and so with the HTC One M10 and with that kind of battery we can expect about two full days of use. The HTC One M10 phones last really long on standby and then we have to build quality. HTC One M10 really still stands out as basically the best build flagship phone have 2015. They gonna do it again HTC One M10 will have a metal body they could get for it single to end and dual to end to tri to end either way I ‘m convinced that when you take this phone in your pocket. People will stop and stare and while this may not seem like a big deal to some. Bothe the HTC One m8 and the HTC One m9 support external SD and so will the HTC One M10 almost definitely and while Samsung going in the other direction claimed that putting an SD card slot in his family slow it down, the HTC One m9 is blazing fast, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about, to be honest with you I think HTC One M10 has gone from strength to strength each year. They have kind of realize where the possible flaws all areas of improvement on the last device and they’ve gone with them. You see a phone which really has potential to beat every other found in almost every category. The display absolutely stunning even with the 1080 panel HTC really know the color accuracy and the brightness on that. HTC One M10 puts the faces components on the market in Smartphone’s we can expect. Forget parts around the Snapdragon 820 on top of this, we can expect sense 92 have even more speed features customization and improve battery efficiency. And to be honest my money’s on the camera and the speakers taking a huge improvement but even without those this would be a kill a Smartphone.

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Let’s talk about how to reset HTC One M10 and how to restore factory settings via hard reset. Please follow couple easy steps to reset HTC One M10 via yourself

  • First you have to turn off the fast boot option. To do so at first please go to settings > then power > then uncheck the fast boot option at bottom of the settings screen.
  • Now please turn off your HTC One M10 Smartphone.
  • And then remove your phone battery.
  • Now press the volume down button & power button together until the recovery screen appear to you. In this recovery screen you will see couple of option for take action to change your HTC One M10 settings.



  • Go down via volume down button and select factory reset or wipe data any of one you see on the screen.
  • And then confirm with the power button.
  • Please allow couple of second or a minute until your HTC One M10 restored to default factory settings.

Your smart phone will remove all of your data due to hard reset your device and will restore all factory default setting itself. Congratulations you have done it; hard reset for your HTC One M10 has been completed.

Few simple or critical issues that’s why you need to hard reset HTC One M10

  • You may need to fix hang-up, freezing or your smart phone slow response.
  • You may need to remove personal data from your smart phone due to sell it to anyone.
  • If you need to resolve unexpected games or application crash.
  • Maybe you reset or forgotten screen lock password or pattern lock problem.
  • Or might you like to restore your HTC One M10 default factory settings.

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Before your HTC One M10 hard reset, I request for read this safety tips carefully

  • All kind of Music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically due to hard reset your smart phone.
  • Your contact list, call or IM chat or SMS will be erased from your smart phone.
  • That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone before.
  • So I suggest you, before hard reset HTC One M10, please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important thing.

If you have any kind of tips or tricks for improve your smart phone, basically HTC One M10. Please don’t hesitate to share with us; we will post an article favor of you. If you have any kind of Question about this Hard reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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