Reset Sony Xperia Z2 | Restore Xperia Z2 factory settings via couple of easy steps.

Reset Sony Xperia Z2. Hard reset Sony Xperia Z2 or restore factory settings for Xperia Z2 are not same as other smart phone like htc, Samsung, LG, Symphony. I like to write something about Xperia Z2 before tell you about how to reset Sony Xperia Z2. At first I like to share my experience about Sony Xperia Z2 design…. Engineering is moving atoms. Design is moving minds the Xperia Z2 beautiful to look at when shut off at a tool to move your mind, when the news in any situation we might not be conscious of it. The design is important to all of us. You see even the smallest details is felt by the human body, that’s why we all seem to traps on the same step. So every little detail has to be perfect in a great design. The attention to detail and Xperia Z2 is impeccable.

We know that on average the power button will be used seventy times a day. So it needs to be perfect. Prof it from a solid piece of aluminum and the back & front insurable tempered glass. It just feels right in your hand. It just sets being water and dust proof, Xperia Z2 is a marvelous engineering and design. So go ahead move your mind. Various kind of greatest details make the different.

So great details / feature makes the smart phone more electable and Sony Xperia Z2 deserve it. Sony Xperia Z2 got lot of praise, not more today, lets tell you about why you need to reset Sony Xperia Z2.

Some reasons, that’s why your Sony Xperia Z3 need to Hard Reset

  1. For fix hang-up and slow response or Freezing problem.
  2. For resolve the unexpected Apps Crash.
  3. Remove Personal data from your Phone before sell it to anyone.
  4. Maybe changed reset and forgotten screen lock password or pattern problem.
  5. Or may you like to restore your Sony Xperia Z3 default factory setting.

Before you reset Sony Xperia Z2 / restore Sony Xperia Z2 factory settings, please don’t forget to read this safety notice

  • Your contact list and call or chat history will be formatted automatically.
  • All kind of Music, video, files & folders will be deleted automatically.
  • That means all kind of information will erase from your phones, which you save in your phone.
  • So I suggest you, before restore Xperia Z2 factory settings, please backup your phones as music, video, files & folders and contact list and others important thing.

Here is the following steps for reset Sony Xperia Z2 or restore Sony Xperia Z2 factory settings by yourself

Start by turning off your phone, first you have to launch the Sony PC Compenion Software on your desktop. You can download and install by the Sony PC Companion software by using this URL

  1. Power on your Computer, launch Sony PC compenion software into your Computer.
  2. Click Sony PC companion software start button and then click the support zone section.
  3. Now Click on Start button under the Phone/Tablet software update tab.
  4. After that click on repair my phone/tablet.
  5. Then you can choose your Phone model or just click another Phone/Tablet.
  6. Now you have to choose your smart phone model Sony Xperia Z2 or select Another Phone/Tablet.
  7. Confirm by following the instruction & continue.
  8. Now Press & hold volume Down button on your phone and Plug-in the USB Cable.

Sony Xperia PC Companion

9. Release the button when system of restoring starts.

10. Please wait until the processing of restoring has finish.

11. After finished the processing of restoring please unplug the USB cable from the phone.

12. Now power on your phone, Your Sony Xperia Z2 completely reset with its originally factory settings as like a new phone.

If you have any kind of tips or tricks for improve smart phone activity, basically about restore Xperia Z2 factory settings. Please don’t hesitate to share with us; we will post an article favor of you. If you have any kind of Question about this reset tips, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Of course you are important to us.

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